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How to tell if an LCD is broken on an iPhone?

It can be devastating to see a damaged mobile phone, especially the iPhone, as they are expensive. The structure of an iPhone is complicated that makes it hard to get them repaired using DIY techniques. Even though you are extremely careful, it only takes one fumble for your device to tumble. An iPhone is designed to withstand impact, but still, you may end up with a shattered screen. How much does iPhone screen repairs in Sydney costs? – This is what comes in mind for all iPhone users who have broken their screen.

However, the cost of iPhone screen repairs in Sydney depends on two major factors, including the model, and whether it is the glass or the LCD underneath.  While a broken screen can be fixed quickly and inexpensive, fixing broken LCD can cost you more. It is better to take your phone to the nearest repair shop and have it checked.

To identify whether your screen or LCD is broken, you must understand the different parts your iPhone screen.

There are three layers that exist on your phone, including:-

The Glass

This is the topmost layer of your iPhone, and it protects the other layers underneath. You can easily identify if the screen is broken. If you see spider web cracks, small cracks, or if the glass is lifting, it is evident that the glass is broken. All you need is iPhone screen replacement Sydney, and it is not going to cost you more.

The Digitiser

It is what makes the screen respond to touch. When certain buttons or areas of your phone don’t respond, it is a tell-tale sign that you may need a replacement.


The LCD is the major component of an iPhone and it is responsible for the image on the screen. When it breaks, your device will be powered, but you won’t be able to see any picture. This means your device will be on, but you cannot access anything. It is a clear indication that the LCD is broken and it is no longer working due to image. In some cases, if the LCD is not completely broken, you may see black dots, lines, or a portion of the screen won’t show. Replacing an LCD screen is expensive.

You may have heard that Apple prohibit third-part-iPhone repairs. Yes, Apple doesn’t encourage it but, if you don’t have warranty, it is better to get it repaired in a third-party mobile repair shop that is specialised in iPhone repairs in Sydney. You need to pay a lot for screen replacement through Apple if you don’t have AppleCare or warranty. Cell phone repair shops offer reliable service at an affordable price.