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Its all about presentation Folder

What first strikes well when it comes to mind about having or making a presentation folder? Of-course its  At Better Printing UK we give utmost importance to the client’s needs. Understanding that what a presentation folder means to them is the most important thing. Well actually a presentation folder is typical folder that is used in for carrying loose papers or documents. In a presentation folder one can club the documents together for organization and protection. Presentation folders printing is done in order to give the folder an excellent look where usually it consist of sheets of heavy paper stock, which is folded in half so as to keep paper documents.

Folders can be plain or eitherfolder printing can also be done. Printed or plain foldersare mainly used amongst business presentations forclients to aid in the sales process.

Lets us understand that how does a folder printing works and how to printing Documents in/for a Folder. There are commonly two sizes in the folder printing option A4 Folder and A5 Folder. A4 folder printing has its measures for 210mm Width x 297mm Height (or 8.3″ x 11.7″). We have A4 folder printing option which is specifically designed to hold A4 sized pieces of paper. This is understood that the folder itself is a little larger than A4 so it fits the contents neatly and tidily. No damage to the documents like cramping, curved corners, paper folding happens if using A4 folder.

A5 Presentation Folder Printingislarger, measuring 210 mm x 148 mm in order to accommodate such kind off needs. With Better Printing UK termed as a leading supplier of Quality presentation folders and folder printing category.With our folder printing options we will allow you to get the best use of your document storage space alongside impressing your potential clients and customers.

Our wide range of folder printing offers you options like with or without capacity pockets. Folder printing like silk or gloss lamination to the outer cover. Few other folder printing options like business card slits etc gives you a wide selection of folder printing solutions have you covered.

Printed A4 Folders

For a perfect handout to carry into any conventions or meetings, our printed A4 folders can be your right companion. By making the best first impression to your prospects, clients or colleagues our A4 folders gives a professional look and aids better for carrying all the required documents all in one go.

A4 folders and A5 folders both are durable and lightweight, with a choice of either a silk or gloss finish. For certain critical business plan or marketing meeting, where the flow is essential, our presentation folder printing helps you and the clients to keep your sales pitch all together in saame convenient place.

Why to Choose an A4 Folder over A5 Folders?

Our printed A4 folders are termed to be one of the best in quality standards. We have options of printing them in full color with the highest quality of 350gsm silk artboard. We also offer choices between standard or deluxe (laminated) standards. The Added benefits seen are that they are highly versatile and can be used in a numerous different ways of settings. Starting from Day to day office work requirements, or to meetings, they are an excellent way to store and organize documents during a business presentation. On one hand we have utility benefits and on the other hand are their marketing benefits. When giving a business presentation our professional printed folder will give your business more credibility. From the audience or receivers prospect it is more likely to hold their attention to the folder and can be used for its future reference. Such things increasethe possibilities of doing business with your company. Make a smart choice; choose A4 folders for your invaluable business.

We also get your personal business logo or any specific design you would like to appear on your folder printing. There are certain other factors as well to be considered while making a specific logo or while sending the logo images. One has to make sure that they send us their artwork in PDF format only. Also the PDF file should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi and set in a CMYK color mode only.

So are you thinking to have your presentation folder? Order your smart looking A4 and A5 presentation folders today !!