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NEC Enterprise Solutions Showcases Brand New Digital Finance Solutions At Inaugural SFF X Switch 2019 

NEC Enterprise Solutions, one of the world’s leading information and communications providers recently attended the inaugural SFF X Switch event at the Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11 to 15 November, showcasing their brand-new digital finance solution.

During the three-day exhibition and conference of SFF X Switch (11-13 November) NEC exhibited a full suite of digital solutions aimed at empowering financial service providers with the technology to create innovative digital services for their customers, and enabled many companies to enhance their operations as usual.

The two key products presented by NEC at the SFF X Switch were:

Banking As A Service  

This vendor-agnostic end-to-end solution provides financial service providers with a suite of innovative functions systems, such as deposits, loans and asset financing as a subscription-based service. This service is provided by Banqsoft A/S, a fully owned subsidiary of KMD A/S, an NEC company.

Digital ID  

A cloud-based facial authentication solution with liveness detection which forms part of its Biometric Digital Identity Service (BDIS); a federated ATM which allows users to withdraw money from different banks with only their face; blockchain technology to secure shared ATM-based bank transactions; and Denso Wave’s SQRC (Secured QR Code) solution that combines facial recognition to facilitate POS transactions for offline authentication requirements.

NEC’s comprehensive, end-to-end solutions addressed at the show addressed the emerging challenges to create banks of the future combating the rise in security risks and the need to develop new, unique products for customers, banks and service providers so that they can succeed in this digital age.

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About NEC Enterprise Solutions 

NEC Enterprise Solutions is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) leader, renowned for combining and integrating their expertise with innovative technology to create the ICT-enabled society of tomorrow. NEC Enterprise Solutions is constantly enabling new and improved approaches to how Communications and IT services are delivered and managed, providing businesses all over the UK with new ways to operate and grow. Anyone looking for more information regarding the NEC Enterprise Solutions, and to see how they could utilise their products and services, including their VoIP phones for small business to enhance their business operations, should visit their website today.