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Short Term or Temporary Warehouse Space solution

Forecasting the demand of the products by business owners in the trading industry is extremely difficult, and they end up in need of some space for storage, even if it is for a shorter duration. Renting the warehouse space throughout the year would not be commercially sensible, and would end up finding a warehouse that rent their space for temporary warehousing. Contact Mac Logistics to find more information on our short term warehousing facility. If you need a warehousing company in Liverpool, look no further. We are experts when it comes to providing warehousing services for freight from Liverpool to international destinations. 

Long term contracts are not required if when your business needs the warehouse space for the storage only when there is a need, and depending upon the demanding fluctuations. You could even use the storage space on a rolling month-by-month contract

Some companies may be able to offer you rolling month-by-month storage contracts which could be the ideal short term warehousing solution for your business.

Mac Logistics provides its clients for the short requirement for the overspill pallet or bulk storage during the busy periods or even lease the warehouse or even smaller space for the business to operate by themselves temporarily. 

The temporary warehouse space provision helps the business as follows

  • No up-front fees required the payment of the rentals could be made in arrears and not as advance payment.
  • No minimum hire periods that the business has to commit to
  • No additional (hidden) charges 
  • Could be terminated with the short term notice as required by the warehouse policy
  • Offer rolling month-by-month storage contract instead of annual contract
  • Can opt for multi-user site if the space requirement is small

Temporary renting of the warehouse is financially beneficial for a company, as it does not need any long term contract. And it stands true especially when there is no use of the space if it is not the peak period of supply-demand or there is no demand for excessive good at a particular timeframe. You are not required to sign up for the 12 months contract, leaving the warehouse empty after the supply-demand has completed. It will avoid the unnecessary payment and help you cost-efficiently.

You would also be given the flexibility of multi-user site on a month-by-month rolling contract, which is one of the best deal for primarily the start-up companies and companies looking for the overspill solutions and move with the times. Mac Logistics provide a secure and dedicated area of the warehouse that can be accessed by a company but not by anyone else during the term space is rented out.

Mac Logistics provide the smart short term warehousing space within your budget. We have got the best track record of providing the warehouse space along with the container unloading and loading services which include loose freight, handball and palletised handling. At our Warehouse at Liverpool, we also offer the best storage solutions for palletised and non-palletised products, shelving and pallet racking solutions with floor space storage for loose freight that can be customisable based on the client requirement. Contact us today!


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