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The Wonderful Features Of The Ever-Handy Church Software


Running a church is not an easy feat. A Church Software, as the name suggests, is software that aids churches in its day-to-day activities as well as special events. But why do churches today love this type of software? What makes this special software so popular? Let’s look at the features of the almighty church management software to understand the reasons for its popularity.

Membership Profile

Keeping a systematic track of all membership data is extremely handy for any church. If you have all the churchgoers’ contacts, details, records, and other documentation in one location, that too in a systematic manner, one can save so much time and resources. Church management software knows this and hence provides the beneficial feature of member profiles. Via this, a church can keep track of the details of every member, the events one has participated in, family structures, and much more.

Contribution Management

Contributions are very important for a church to grow healthily and maintain itself. After all, a church is non-profit in nature and hence relies on funds, donations, and other contributions for everything. No doubt, keeping a track of these invaluable donations securely is also vital. With such incredible software, a church can easily keep detailed accounts of donations with ease. Now there is no need to hassle yourself with easily-deletable excel sheets or thick and heavy registers!


Any Church Software has communication tools integrated with it. This feature helps the church to connect with staff and churchgoers and keep them in the loop with the church events via just emails, thus saving time and money by ditching the old-school flyers, posters, and letters. Also, this software allows you to customize the emails beforehand, enable members to create their profiles, add medical information, preset the templates of festival wishes, and preset the date and time of sending an email.

Event Management

Big church events can be tough to plan, schedule, and execute. It is why church management software nowadays offers a wonderful feature of event management. This software help in booking rooms and venues, tracking contributions, recording the volunteers and participants, keeping reminders of events, and notifying the members for the event.

Attendance Tracking

This little feature of a Church Software is an extremely gifted feature when it comes to large church gatherings and events. When there are lots of people attending any event, it is wise to track and record the members of the event as well as the venue and timing of the event. Most software has the ability of an online check-in system which gives the members the power to mark themselves present.

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