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Tips for Inspecting your Pallet Racks

Steel pallet racks are important for all warehouses. They are valuable storage spaces and intensify the efficiency of workers within a warehouse. The reason? You can easily organize your items and pick them with ease when needed.

Sadly, many are the times that we neglect such potent structures, and this creates safety risks which may result in property damage. If you don’t examine your shelves, you may face serious accidents resulting from defective or broken shelves. As such, conducting regular assessments is critical.

Why is rack repair necessary?

Warehouse racks are prone to damages resulting from forklift accidents, and not examining them can lead to tear and wear. A broken frame in your warehouse can destroy your products leading to losses. It can also but hurt your employees and this can cost you a lot of money.

So, it’s essential always to assess and maintain your storage racking system. Besides, fixing a broken rack is cheaper than acquiring a new one for replacement. The easiest way to deal to achieve is to solidify the columns supporting the shelf, but other parts may necessitate repairs and replacement.

Who inspects the warehouse racking systems?

You can always hire an expert or any other person with experience assessing the racks. They should also have satisfactory information on rack configurations as well as installation procedures.

Which parts should you check?

If you have installed a display rack Malaysia in your warehouse, you should have realized that it has load beams to make it more resolute. Your first part of the assessment should be the load beams as well as the uprights. Be keen to identify any uneven rows on the vertical leaning. Be on the lookout for corrosion and check whether any of the racks is overloaded.

How often should you schedule inspections?

You should regularly check your storage systems for overloading and damages. Besides, a faulty storage rack can cause accidents and even destroy your items in case of falls. Conduct a detailed assessment after external disasters from forklifts. However, the owner of the warehouse should determine how often you can conduct the inspections.

 Where else should you check the storage racking system for damages?

After examining the beams and racks for overloading, also check for misloaded inventory. Check for scratches, dents and twists and repair or replace promptly. For the upright, check for gaps and damages to the column protectors. Also, examine for lost or faulty connector hardware like pins, clips, and bolts.


You should inspect your pallet racks for your warehouse to operate smoothly. Schedule annual inspections and have a professional perform the task. Neglecting damages can put your inventory and the workers at stake. Although some issues may seem trivial, they can cause severe injuries.

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