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Top 5 refreshing ideas for mobile app development

Trying to come up with unique ideas for mobile applications? You can start working on some of these refreshing ideas through mobile app development Dubai. In the skyrocketing online market of mobile apps, mobile app development Dubai brings you the opportunity to bring these creative ideas to life!

  • Home Cook

Home Cook thrives on people’s passion of cooking and coming up with new recipes continuously. This app helps people follow their favorite chefs and subscribe to their recipe books to try for themselves! During the time of pandemic, home cooking has become more valued since health is becoming a major priority for people. This mobile app will help beginners follow the steps of master chefs through their recipes and videos stored in this one library. Use mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions now to start and develop this idea!

  • Find me a (parking) spot!

Finding a paring spot can be a hassle at times. Find me a spot will help drivers navigate and spot an empty parking space in busy lots such as the mall or hospitals. Supported by Google maps or Apple, develop an app through mobile app development Dubai that can mark locations and notifies people using the app when empty. Someone can easily check this mobile app before heading out or when close to their destination and save time from being stuck in a busy parking lot waiting for a spot to free up. People can mark themselves on the app when they secure the spot to help others navigate.

  • Brand dictionary (Brandictionary)

Ever wondered what a popular influencer is wearing in their pictures or videos? Does a beautiful dress randomly catch you attention when scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook? Here’s a mobile app that will help fashionistas find the brand the clothing item they’ve spotted belongs to. Popular brands can upload their items on the database to be scanned by users through this app. The app identifies which brand the clothing item belongs to and finds a link for the user to click on to buy the item from. Develop this refreshing idea using mobile app development Dubai on A2 Solutions.

  • Pet care

An app designed for your pets to keep track of their vaccinations and visits to the doctor. This mobile app will help pet owners log in data regarding the medical history of their pets and keep track to show their vets. This is a unique idea that will be popular among pet owners who sometimes lose track due to being busy. Other features may include reminders for feeding pets that will require the user to enter one weekly reminder; the app will notify the pet owner consistently. This feature can be extended to be synced with automated pet feeding machines that will notify weather the pet has received and finished their food. Mobile app development Dubai is here to make this app possible for you to launch.

  • Tune-In

Podcasts and music have become a vital part of people’s lives. Plug in the earphones and enjoy your favorite hosts chat away or sway to the beat of your favorite music. Tune-In allows people to create servers and share their favorite audios to enjoy together! Using mobile app development Dubai, these servers that have been a popular demand since the pandemic will be an excellent idea to invest in. A2 Solutions is a platform to help you build these apps.