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Top 6 Tips for Use Cloud-Based Employee Monitoring Solutions

First and foremost, let us delve deeper and find out more about the six tips that need to be used for Cloud based employee monitoring solutions.

Identify the url to get started with PC monitoring which would give a fair idea about the monitoring system. The key features may also include:

Recording of keystrokes, emails, downloads, searching for queries, screenshots and so on. Filtering of websites and blocking programs based on the rules that have been set. Categorizing the websites by more than eighty plus groups.

Let us not find out more about the six tips for using cloud based employee monitoring solutions.  You may want to get familiar with keystrokes monitoring concept.

1)        Proper and optimal tracking of employees IN and OUT timings.

 Real time activity monitoring is of essence and this could be of great help in the Company.

2)        Scheduling of reports on emails of every user or every department

It is now possible to create reports for individual users

3)          Flexibility of policies with regards to work time, free time and also break timings and so on.

It is of essence that the employees do not feel really pressed when it comes to taking breaks during the office hours.

4)        Keeping a tab on the social media abuse if any in the office

Social media can take up a lot of man hours and if the company is smart enough to install the right monitoring equipment, it makes sense to keep a tab on any social media abuse.

5)        Keeping a check on the company critical data thefts

This is a very critical aspect and companies make sure to keep their data safe and secure.  Data thefts can be really controlled and managed if the right monitoring software is installed.

6)        Keeping a tab on sexual harassment at workplace

There are laws that are implemented by corporates when it comes to sexual harassment at workplace. These issues are not taken very seriously and with the right monitoring software, it is now possible to keep a check on these issues and prevent recurrences if any.

  It is of essence to exercise self-control by creative and trusted employees.

 Thanks to the employee workplace activity tracking, you could keep a tab and monitor the workplace. The user activities can now be maintained in a log format.  This also means that the company data is secured and the employees are able to perform the activities efficiently and in a proper manner.

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