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5 SEO Risks You Should Take and Avoid at All Costs

Risks to Take


  • Giving and receiving good quality backlinks


Backlinks are deemed an integral part of SEO and most companies strive to gain as many as they can. It helps in increasing the rankings and build authority at the same time. And there must be times you should give away some backlinks too. It signifies to Google that you are using sites with good authority. But know that webpages showcasing low quality and malicious websites can get penalized by Google. There is also a risk to be penalized by gaining too many backlinks from the bad quality sites.


  • Making and testing big and small changes


The gist of SEO harrisburg pa is to gain traffic and grow more leads for business growth. Nothing will happen if nobody visits your website. And this could happen for many reasons. The best way to inspect that is by A/B testing. Here you need to consider one element at a time and test them against new variations. If everything goes well, then you are on the good path. What makes it a risk is doing this the trial and error way to use the correct wording and layout combo that leads to maximum traffic and transactions. Here, you may also find combinations that don’t work at all and reduce the traffic at the same time. The risk is legible because you may find the best results with this and centralize on the element to drive more traffic to get better returns. When you make any changes, you keep note of what changed, when it was done and the date it was first recrawled by Google post change. This helps in correlating ranking variations when the changes were made. Ensure to put in a solid keyword rank checker so as to make your data valid and useful. 

Risks to Avoid


  • Forbidding neutral backlinks


Always go for good backlinks, not bad ones. And when it comes to those that don’t help but help you rank higher, never disallow them. They are the neutral backlinks. They may not give the SEO boost it needs, but keeps you away from the harsh penalties by Google. When you disallow neutral links, you can block the sites that can help you gain a good ranking on SERPs.


  • Bad doorway pages or none at all


Doorway pages can easily be made in batches so as to target certain keywords and keyword groups. The reliable SEO experts prevent doorway pages as Google doesn’t like them and penalize the sites that are using them. Google believes that such pages should always be avoided and is a risk in itself. The only time when Google makes it an exception is when these doorway pages offer unique, clear and useful content to the user. It means that it acts like a regular content on your website.


  • Deleting content or the entire pages


It may seem a no biggie to delete a page from your website if a product/service is no longer active in your company. Once you delete it, the keywords are gone with it too. The same is valid on the URL of the page. Rather than risking the loss, keep the webpage. All you have to do is leave a message on the page including 301 directs to retain all the traffic on your site. 

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