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Do Backlinks Still Matter in 2019?

Yes. The short answer is yes, backlinks are still vital for any successful SEO strategy. SEO is a constantly evolving practice, and advancements in technology and changes in internet culture have meant that you have more things to worry about, and the way SEO professionals go about some things will

5 SEO Risks You Should Take and Avoid at All Costs

Risks to Take   Giving and receiving good quality backlinks   Backlinks are deemed an integral part of SEO and most companies strive to gain as many as they can. It helps in increasing the rankings and build authority at the same time. And there must be times you should give away some

What are the Most Common Terms Used in SEO?

Nowadays, internet is considered a bread and butter for many. The search engine may be loaded with plethora of results and the search engine marketers are trying their best to answer your questions before others do. This is done by the means of SEO service or Search Engine Optimization services.

Why Content Writing Important For SEO

There was a time when SEO was nothing, just a link building. Merely, performing Directory submission and social Bookmarking was enough to get the website on rank. Now the time has changed and competition also. To beat the completion and to develop healthy marketing, Google emerged the concept of Content

Content vs. Content Marketing

Content is done by everyone. There’s customer service content, product content, sales content, event content, marketing content, campaign content, and lots more. Advertising too is content. What is the content? Content is a piece of information or experience aimed towards an audience or an end-user. Content can be seen as something to