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The Framework that SaaS Companies Need to Use to Build Their SEO Strategy

SaaS has become a particularly important focus for software companies who are looking to build sustainable software businesses in the information age. This is because the SaaS business model is based around subscriptions, and allowing users to subscribe can generate more revenue for software companies in the long term. It also helps software companies to innovate and build out new features for their users in a way that is more difficult with a traditional software offering where the user buys the license to the software outright. 

However, one issue with the SaaS space is that it has become increasingly competitive. Due to the rise of information technology, there are more software solutions than ever available on the market, and nascent SaaS companies need to do something to stand out from the crowd. While SaaS companies can hire sales representatives to email prospects and potential customers, this is not always sustainable and it is hard to get the business that you want without any form of social proof. Luckily for SaaS companies, there is a way to show this social proof without having to invest in expensive advertising campaigns.

That way is SEO, and all SaaS companies need an SEO SaaS strategy to best take advantage of the many benefits that SEO stands to offer them. Using SEO, SaaS companies can leverage the power of their information and expertise to rank on Google for keywords that are relevant to their business. However, this is easier said than done, and SaaS companies need to invest in an SEO framework process to do so. By utilizing this framework process, which involves keyword research, website optimization, content marketing, and link building, a SaaS company can actually leverage the power of SEO to get its informational content to rank on Google.

Informational content is extremely important in purchasing decisions, and it is the best way to rank on Google as well. This content needs to be informed by keyword research, which can be done by looking at competitors and also researching your SaaS niche to see the types of information people are looking for. By showing how your SaaS solution solves problems, and not just through its software capabilities, you’ll be able to create informational content that can potentially rank on Google.

Once this is done, you’ll then want to build links to this informational content that is keyword optimized. This can be done by reaching out to websites or even hiring link building services to reach out and build links for you. Once these links are in place, your informational content will start to rank on Google, and if it targeted correctly, for keywords that will help your SaaS business gain new users. 

However, in order to make sure this happens, you need to make sure that your SaaS website is technically sound. To do this, you’ll want to do an SEO technical audit, and go through the checklist necessary to make sure that your SaaS website is technically sound. Once you do so, your website will be set up following the SEO SaaS framework and you will be able to start to gain new users through the power of Google and other search engines.