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Downloader for TV BOX

According to my opinion there are three types of popular Android TV boxes. TV boxes that come with Android TV operating system like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX and etc. TV boxes that come with Android operating system as on phones with TV launcher like H96 MAX, SkyStream and etc. Amazon Fire TV devices that have their own TV launcher and app store.

Android TV boxes that have Android TV operating system has many restrictions like unable to change wallpaper, no web browser application and does not allow to publish web browsers on play store and etc. Same goes with Fire TV devices with little restrictions. There is much freedom on Android TV boxes that comes with Android OS like on Phone. Play Store on those devices allow you to install Chrome, Opera and any other Android web browsers easily since those are not based on TV OS.

For Android TV boxes with real TV OS like Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, Shield TV pro, Mi BOX S, Chromecast and etc. can use Downloader. Downloader is the best and easiest Android TV web browser that allow full control of websites using TV remote.

Downloader Web Brower for TV

Downloader” was removed from play store for allowing web browsing and app downloads. Now it was back again on play store without web browsing feature. You have to manually download and install browser plugin for Downloader to use web browsing features. 

First download and install latest version of “Downloader” from Play Store TV. Open Downloader and enter “browser.” to install browser plugin. That’s all. Not hard at all.

This web browser was mainly used to download and install apps from internet. This is the easiest and fastest way to install apps like AppLinked, FileSynced, Unlinked and etc. Many tutorials about install third-party TV app stores use Downloader to install them on TV boxes.

Downloader Codes

This app was developed and distributed by “aftvnews”. We use TV codes to access stores and download files using AppLinked, Unlinked, FileLinked and etc. Downloader too has such feature. Where you can create short URL or simple code for app download link. You can create simple code for any URL or website using aftvnews website.

Use that code to download files or to access websites on your TV box. No need to type long and hard remember URLs on your TV using remote. For example, type 48157 on address bar and press go to load Aptoide TV website.

There are many other features like bookmarking, virtual mouse pointer to click and navigate anywhere on any website just using remote, download page to manage all your downloads and etc.