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Smart Choices for the Best Surface Book 2 cases

One of the most important features of surface book 2 cases is its size. The case must be not too big and not too small. If we need a larger case, for example, having two surface book 2s of different sizes, we should ensure that the case is equipped with adjustable straps. The belts should be durable, solidly mounted in the chamber, but not least, they should be adjustable. Thanks to such belts, you can insert, for example, a mouse, a power supply or an additional battery into one compartment of the case. A visit to makes things perfect now.

A good solution is also the case’s chamber ideally suited to the specific size of the surface book 2. The most standard sizes are 15.4 cm and 17 cm. Recently, Netbooks have also become fashionable, their diagonal does not exceed 13 cm (for smaller tablet devices or a slightly larger smartphone, the case is used rather). Everyone who decides to choose a case should be well versed in the dimensions of their device, so that the chamber is optimally matched to it. 

The Extent of Importance

It is also important that the pockets in the case can accommodate the power supply and mouse. These are the basic accessories that we often wear with a surface book 2. Sometimes we also need to move an additional battery, which will be useful for a long meeting, where there will be no sockets for power supply. No less important are the chambers for documents in the surface book 2 case, the pocket for the briefcase, or pockets where you can put the ID card or car keys. You cannot ignore external factors such as rain, snow or high sunlight, which should be provided by the designer of the case. It is also worth choosing a good quality material from which the case is made, because if it is leather, it will protect the surface book 2 against this type of weather events. 

It is also worth making sure that the pockets of the case are closed properly

To close the lid of the case, just a clip or a magnetic catch, but the document compartment or surface book 2 should be additionally secured with, for example, a zipper. Cases are even available on the market with a combination lock, which significantly increases the protection of their contents. Such folders are especially recommended for people who transport extremely important data or trade secrets. The applied protection increases the security of devices and documents inside the case. 

  • In addition to security reasons, it is also worth paying attention to the comfort of using the case. The case handle can be single or double, depending on the design of the accessory. The height of the handle should also be appropriate so that people with larger hands do not have a problem with placing their hands in the handle of the case – it is therefore important to choose the right case for convenience of wearing it. 

Another useful issue at the airport in particular is the option of placing the case on the handle of the suitcase. When traveling with a suitcase and surface book 2 case separately, it is good to be able to transport both things in one column for convenience. Some cases also have a strap to put the case on your shoulder. It is especially convenient when we have more luggages with us. In the case of surface book 2 cases, it is recommended to avoid those that do not have a handle, because in a situation where we need to run a piece of the route, e.g. run to the bus leaving soon, the case hung on the shoulder can simply slide off it. The optimal solution is a case equipped with a handle with the option of attaching a shoulder strap. 

It is advisable that the surface book 2 case, being a kind of showcase in commercial situations, looks neat, and does not stand too much from the adopted style of clothing of the owner. When buying a surface book 2 case, you should not only make sure that it is optimized for the size of the computer. The inquisitive buyer of the case for his most valuable tool should of course check in advance whether the case has a warranty, for how long, and whether it will be possible to return it within 30 days, and whether the product (case) has hidden defects. The surface book 2 case should be a solid protection for a portable computer. Normal cases or backpacks worn every day are not adapted to properly protect the surface book 2 from damage. Our company presents many models of cases for various types of surface book 2s, tested by many users, in addition in different colors.

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