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Chatbots: How to build and make money with them

Chatbots have truly revolutionized how we handle our E-commerce businesses. Browse through , and you'll discover tons of articles on chatbot application. Transactions with clients online, booking appointments, meetings, schedules. Name it, and chatbots can probably make it happen for you. Today, more and more businesses and big brands are starting

Hot vs. Cold Cathodes

First things first: although CFL, as well as CCFL bulbs, both make use of ballast, as well as cathodes to create light, kind, the temperature, as well as toughness of the cathodes, vary. One of the most common kind of fluorescent bulbs is the "warm cathode," or what the majority

NEC Enterprise Solutions Showcases Brand New Digital Finance Solutions At Inaugural SFF X Switch 2019 

NEC Enterprise Solutions, one of the world’s leading information and communications providers recently attended the inaugural SFF X Switch event at the Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre from 11 to 15 November, showcasing their brand-new digital finance solution. During the three-day exhibition and conference of SFF X Switch (11-13 November) NEC exhibited a

Field Workers: Lost Without Rugged PCS

Over the past few years rugged tablet PCs have grown rapidly in popularity, now used in a whole range of industries and sectors to cope with ever-changing business needs and demands. Field workers commonly use rugged tablets to enhance their work, and there are many reasons for this, some of

Getting familiar with the Ghost-type Pokemon

The ghost type Pokemon is viewed as highly common. Many of them move and have low HP. This ghost-type is useful in battles as this is the only kind, which has two immunities: fighting and normal and both of them are common types of move. From the 6th generation, the