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Seismic Audio Powered PA Speaker Features and Guides

Unlike in the past, it is becoming common for musicians to choose powered or active PA Speakers. Powered PA Loudspeakers have built-in amplifiers, negating the need for an external power amplifier. These dynamic PA Speaker systems provide a luxurious experience of the ideal amplifier for the speaker. Powered PA Speakers are generally easy to set up and use.

Seismic Audio Speakers Models and Features

Seismic Audio Speakers specializes in Powered PA Loudspeakers. They offer Active PA Loudspeakers in different sizes ranging from 8 Inch Active PA Loudspeakers to 15 Inch Active PA Loudspeakers and Powered Dual 15 Inch PA Loudspeakers.

They come in various configurations, including the type of output a user may desire for PA speakers. They also feature designs with the ability to plug in a microphone and have an instant PA system.

Advantages of The Seismic Audio Speakers

One fantastic advantage of these Seismic audio speakers is that they will deliver years of professional performance and crystal clear sound. With this, the music can be heard, loudly and reliably.

Another excellent benefit of the PA Loudspeakers is that they are suitable for bands, home use, and professional use.

Types of Seismic Audio Powered Loudspeakers

As one of the leading producers of modern audio speakers, Seismic Audio arguably has options for users to choose from as they prefer. Some of them include:

PWS Series of Powered Loudspeakers

The PWS Series Powered Speakers are highly versatile, delivers clear sound, and are user friendly. Lightweight and versatile, the PWS Series is perfect for virtually any situation where sound reinforcement is needed. The PWS Series of Powered Loudspeaker features make it the ideal choice for DJ’s due to the superb low-end response.

Mainshock Series of Powered Loudspeakers

As an improvement to the PWS series of Powered Loudspeakers, the MainShock line of Premium Active Loudspeakers accommodates any Pro Audio application’s needs. These powered Loudspeakers are a perfect fit for any live sound application and work well for DJ Loudspeakers. Furthermore, they are also lightweight and versatile and are ideal for virtually any situation where sound reinforcement is needed. The MainShock Series powered loudspeakers can be configured in many ways, fitting the needs for everyone from MC’s, DJ’s to bands.

L Wave Series of Powered Loudspeakers

The new L Wave series of Powered PA Speakers are designed to offer the same crystal precise performance expected from Seismic Audio speakers. Their cabinet enclosure is more rugged and durable, allowing it to withstand the beating that can happen when traveling from show to show. With the need for power, versatility, and ease of use, these audio series have all these combinations to bring more comfort and convenience as they fit any Pro Audio application’s needs.

Magma Series of Powered Loudspeakers

The Magma Series of Pro Audio Loudspeakers are ideal models designed to provide all the power and sound reinforcement for virtually any environment. The Magma series offers superior coverage and the frequency response, sensitivity, energy, and versatility compared to the others. Furthermore, they are ideal for any Pro Audio application and environments, including Public Address, DJ’s, Live Sound, Stage, Studio, Karaoke, and Churches.

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