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5 App Campaigns That Will Inspire You To Advertise Your App Better

You’ve developed an app, well done! Now you have to draw people in the app so you can start winning some money. In the past, once you have launched your app and optimize it fort he app stores, it was enough. But now, with the competition heated, you need to have a well-planned marketing strategy to increase downloads. 


So, if you are looking for an answer to how to advertise an app, it’s looking at the best examples, so let’s start examining the best ad campaigns:

Subway France

Subway’s campaign is so effective, it can be thought in classes. The campaign uses segmentation, location elements and smart timing. It starts when the users are within 400 meters of a Subway store. After that, they see a short video ad about Subway and their distance to the nearest Subway. By this approach, people consider Subway for their lunch or dinner -because the ads are shown in those times- and they can see the route from their location to the store without using another app.


Nike shows that you don’t have to push to make people share your app. Nike has an excellent User Experience design in their app, people can share their workout process or visualize their sport activity with maps that show the distance they run. These visual snippets can be shared in social platforms and people can see the brand and the app, and they act as customer testimonies because they are created from real-happy users. 

Warby Parker

Another shareable app is Warby Parker. Eyewear brand uses face-mapping technology to suggest eyeglasses for the users based on theis features of their faces. Users can easily choose and buy glasses. Also, since the app gives value to users, they download and share the app more easily. 


Here’s an easy and basic, but effective tactic to drive more downloads to your app: Using a CTA button. You can easily customize your CTA button on Facebook if you have a page of your app -which you should- and make it “Get App” or “Use App”. People respond better if you tell them what is it that you want from them. You can also use this for the ads you give in Facebook and Instagram platforms and customize the button to say “Install Now”.

Lemonade Insurance

Lemonade Insurance’s marketing plan involves two parts: First one is using chatbots to do the lengthy paperwork and phone calls on hold. Second one is setting a fixed 20% fee on Premium and donate the rest to charity. Lemonade Insurance’s all process can be completed in-app. Users connect to friendly AI customer assistants and this way the process speeds up and costs are reduced.