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5 Tips To Extend The Life Of The 18650 Batteries

Li-ion 18650 is a battery that uses Li-ion technology, it can be charged. 18650 is a standard battery cell, used a lot in the industry.

 In the world of portable drills, laptops, flashlights … Li-ion batteries are widely used. The battery has 3.7V voltage, 1.8cm diameter and 6.5cm length.

The life of 18650 batteries depends on the number of charges. In general, it can withstand 500 times of discharge and full charge.

However, this number is only relative, it depends on many other factors. In this article, I will show you some tips to extend the life of 18650 batteries.

1. Avoid exposure to high temperatures

Avoid exposure to high temperatures because the battery may be damaged (quickly run out of energy).

Typically, leave the battery in a hot car, especially if exposed to sunlight. The battery can lose up to 80% of its operating capacity if you leave it at 60 ° C for 1 year, while at 20 ° C, the capacity is reduced by only 20% respectively.

Similarly, too low temperatures such as in freezing environments are not good for battery life.

When not in use, leave the battery in a cool place. For long-term battery storage, manufacturers recommend charging 40%. This allows the battery to self-discharge while retaining sufficient energy to keep the IC active.

2. Charge it regularly and avoid full discharge – Charge multiple times instead of fully charged

Your battery will last longer if you charge it regularly and avoid full discharge.

For example, if you frequently discharge the battery to 0%, the number of charges you can get before your battery capacity drops to 70% is 300 to 500.

 If you charge the battery regularly and avoid letting it run out energy, it will be more durable.

Instead of charging 100% of the battery for each charge, you should only charge to a certain level, for example, 30% to 60%, or 45% to 79%.

This will be a little annoying because you have to charge it several times a day, but it can help extend battery life. Charge it after using it down to about 20% battery. This is the best way to charge the battery.

3. Do not let the battery run out of energy for too long

Normally, the 18650 battery will be in a state of energy exhaustion if it falls to a voltage of 3V / cell. At 2.7V / cell, the protection IC will switch the battery to sleep mode to make it lose its ability to charge over time.

Therefore, during use, or when you want to store the battery, you also need to pay attention to the recommended good capacity: 40% (as I mentioned above).

Another very common mistake is that users don’t bother using batteries. Maybe by removing the battery from the device and using only direct power. This is also a fierce battery-destroying action that is as much as using up battery power. A person who does not exercise regularly will be very weak and the battery will be the same.

 It is best to use it properly, do not over-squeeze the battery, and do not protect it too much.

4. Always use a reliable charger, do not use strange charger – Pay attention to the power source when charging

If possible, always use a reliable charger with your battery as it will have the right settings, and good quality.

If you are reluctant to use external chargers, you should find out which chargers your battery manufacturing company has recognized.

 Cheap chargers on the market or unclaimed websites can damage your battery. There were even cheap chargers that caught fire.

Power is an important factor when charging, the power is too weak will cause the battery to not charge at optimal conditions, making the charging time longer than necessary.

This will create bad and harmful effects in the long term. Therefore, do not try to charge the battery by connecting to a third electronic device.

5. Save battery charging cycle

The 18650 battery has a certain number of charging cycles, at about 500 cycles or more.

Basically, each charging cycle is equivalent to using up 100% of the battery and then fully charging 100% again.

A half cycle is equivalent to using 50% battery and 100% recharge. Over time, each charging cycle will reduce the battery capacity from its specifications.

Therefore, the less you charge, the longer the battery life will last.

To sum up

At some point, the energy-saving capacity of the battery drops below 20%, so it’s time to buy a new battery. Battery replacement is simple and doesn’t cost too much money!

Note: Please select reputable addresses to buy your battery!

One more thing: Do not buy batteries that are over 2 -3 years old from the time of battery production! Have a good day!