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Database Technologies Trends in 2019

Approaches to database development technologies, the principles of working with data and their storage change earlier than most companies have time to follow the innovations. In this short review, we decided to analyze database technologies that are relevant in 2019 and to which you should take a closer look if the issue of data management and storage is relevant for your company.

Growing Popularity of NoSQL Databases

According to databases usage statistics for 2019, SQL or relational databases still prevail (more than 60%) over the NoSQL database technologies. However, the popularity of NoSQL is growing rapidly due to MongoDB, Redis, and Cassandra databases that allow storing schema-less data by means of creating a unique structure with documents, graphs, or KeyValue.

Oracle Is Losing Ground

Based on the data from the above study and analyzing the popularity of databases in 2019, it is possible to get unexpected results. The most popular storage solution is MySQL and MongoDB, and the once-sought-after Oracle doesn’t even overcome the two percent barrier.

Single Database vs. Multi-Database Use: Worthy Rivals

Single database usage has been a sensible solution for the past ten years. However, today priorities are shifting. More and more companies prefer to use more than one database to make their applications even more powerful. If we talk about numbers, then

  • 7% of users continue to adhere to the traditional approach and use a single database
  • while 44.3% are switching to multi-database usage.

Monitoring Needs More and More Time

We have already understood what are database development technologies trends for 2019, but as for data management, there is the need to overcome new challenges. The monitoring is the most time-consuming and difficult data management task for 12,3% of users. However, the respondents also note that backups, scaling, managing disk space, and joining tables are not easy tasks either (11.6% for each task).

Upcoming & Advanced Cloud Technologies

And as for cloud development technologies that are trendy by themselves for recent years, then the clouds become more and more AI integrated. This gives businesses more opportunities not only for safe data storage and management but for really effective analytics that is almost not subject to mistakes.