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5 Vlogging Equipment For Smartphone

Using smartphone for vlogging is more popular because of small and convenient. However, you need some equipment for easy vlogging.

In this article, I’ll give you 5 vlogging equipments for smartphone. These equipments help you improve quality videos and audio.

Let’s find out.

1. Portable charger

A portable charger is indispensable with usual smartphone user, not mention to vloggers. For some times, you will want to vlog in a long time, lick several hours or a whole day. What would you do if the phone runs out of battery while vlogging, how bad it is!

Always bring you a portable charger in case you need to charge your phone back up.

There are many types of portable chargers on the market. It’s recommended to buy a large-capacity charger (20,000 mAh).You should consider USB inputs to make the most of it for other devices.

2. Tripod/Anti-gravity phone case.

As you know, what comes first to viewers is the image, and that is the first criteria to give the score for filming technique.

It shouldn’t be shaky and unstable. If the content is excellent, but the image keeps shaking, how many people will watch to the end?

You may have heard of this accessory before – a tripod. It’s a three-legged stabilization mount that ensures the shot is still and steady. It’s worth investing because of the huge benefits it brings to the vlog.

Besides the common tripod with three straight legs, there is a flexible tripod with bendable legs to hold your phone on various surfaces.

As the demand increases, the tripods these days have to be cross-functional. A tripod just doing a tripod’s job is too conventional and can be bulky. Multi-functional tripods can be adjusted to suit multiple situations.

Another accessory which has the same use is anti-gravity case.

This special type of phone case is fit with nano-suction technology that you could stick it up against any surface, in one fixed position and shoot your videos. These cases can stick to glass, mirrors, metal, and more.

3. Light equipment

The lighting can make or break it when it comes to the overall quality of their videos. Viewers always want to see your face clearly and everything in your video, or else they will go away.

It’s good to use natural light or lamps, bulbs but they’re not guaranteed. Because not always you record video outdoor or if yes, you can make sure that it’s enough all the time. Also, lamps are not considered as the main light source for it doesn’t focus on you. One more reason is that your phone is equipped with a small camera sensor.

That’s why you and any vlogger need light equipment.

There are plenty of types: softbox lights, umbrella lights, panel light, ring light. It depends on your demand to choose the best fit.

4. Microphone

Audio is so important for it contributes a lot to vlog success. Some people think “The most important thing you will need for vlogging is a good microphone.

The camera comes in second place.” You have to make sure that your voice is loud and clear all the time, not surpassed by surrounding noises, especially when you vlog in crowded places

However, you can’t rely completely on the microphone of the smartphone. It is equally sensitive to the sounds behind the phone as sounds in front of the phone.

To raise the audio quality, you should equip a microphone. There are two main types of microphone: shotgun microphones và Lavalier microphones.

Shotgun microphones are more common. They have a narrow area to capture sound in the front, and they cancel sound waves that come from other directions. And Lavalier microphones are small microphones that you can clip to your clothing.

Both of them will help your video to have a clearer and warmer audio.

5. Lens set

The lens is the main part of any camera because it helps to take photos from different distance. With a smartphone, we can’t change the lens for it’s fixed.

To solve this problem, they manufacture separate lenses for a smartphone. The lens can attach on a smartphone by plastic or metal clip.

As professional cameras, lenses help smartphones to photo or record video at different focal lengths.

The three common types of lens are tele lenses (to film at a distance), fisheye lenses (to film in a wide-angle), and macro lenses (to take photos of small details like insect, flowers).

There are lenses which integrate different types of the lens in one equipment give you more options.

Though the quality of these lenses is not as good as the lens of professional cameras, affordable price and small size are plus points.

In conclusion

Above are the five basic Vlogging equipment for smartphone for you to become a more advanced vlogger. Everything takes investment.

If you invest your smartphone with these accessories, I believe your vlog quality will be improved much more. As a result, you will get more views and subscribers.