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Being the Champions of the CSGO

On cards that play in champions, all important places are called short and capacious slang. “Temka”, “zigzag”, “bath” it sounds strange, but that is how players communicate on Russian servers. If you play with foreigners, it is worth exploring the English-language names. With the cheap csgo boosting at csgo boosters this is important now.

Learn the economics system

At the end of each round, everyone gets money, the winner, of course, gets more. But if you shot yourself, for example, at “Galil”, you should not take it right away the rest, most likely, do not buy anything in order to buy uniformly efficiently in the next round. Do not ruin the economy of the team and do not rush into the purchase.

Learn useful places for pomegranates

Noise and smoke grenades are an important part of CS: GO, and throwing them without proper training is not worth it. On maps for a long time there are the most spectacular places for a throw usually you need to use bounces and calculate the time of the explosion. Look for relevant guides on Youtube they’re just a sea of ​​draft.

Learn to choose a time to recharge

If there is a chance of falling under enemy fire, and there are few cartridges in the store, you should not reload the battle, otherwise there is a chance of remaining defenseless. When the cartridges are completely gone, it will be much more efficient to switch to the gun.

Be patient for CT

Counter-terrorists usually defend themselves on the vast majority of cards, so be patient and wait. Sudden death is not your task, and the enemy also knows about it. Conversely, if the players for CT constantly climb on the rampage, learn to punish them for it.

Carefully examine your role in the team

Counter-Strike is a team game, and you need to behave accordingly. If you see that someone bought AWP do not buy it for yourself. If you have a lot of money buy some trunks and throw them to the rest of the earth. Do not buy smoke if you know that others have bought it too. In general, think not only about yourself, but also about the team.

Do not be angry

Defeat in a competitive game can cost nerves a lot, and they need to be saved. Do not be angry, do not break the device and do not yell into the microphone this will make your game better. If you need to let off steam, at least turn off the microphone, think about others.

For a beginner, these tips may not be enough, because many already know the things mentioned above. But without them, nowhere, and if you are just starting to play, do not neglect them.