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Best Blogging and Guest Posting Here

Guest blogs are a great way to complement the marketing of your article. The practice of bloggers who invite other bloggers to publish on their blog has been going on since blogs began, but now this somewhat quiet practice is becoming increasingly popular. If you’re a freelance writer, you’re always looking for ways to get more traffic for your blog and get more exposure for your writing to attract more customers. The occasional concert of publishing a guest blog can make you expose yourself to a new audience, confirm your expert status and attract new traffic to your blog in the Guest Post Sites.

As bloggers see the incredible results they can get from both guest blogs on other blogs and hosting guests on their blogs, they participate more and more in practice.

In this article, we want to share five simple tips to start as a guest blogger:

  1. Choose the right blogs

Your goal as a guest blogger is to find a new audience for your writing, get more exposure and attract new traffic to your blog. Therefore, it makes sense to choose blogs that focus on keywords similar to yours, within the same industry and a similar compatible niche, and a similar demographic audience.

Choose blogs that are more established and better ranked than yours for the biggest explosion of your time, but don’t neglect those promising blogs with a growing number of loyal followers.

Spend time to regularly visit blogs in your niche that you would like to publish as a guest. Take note of their idiosyncrasies, practices and biases. Take notes and consider these issues when writing your post so as not to slip and offend your host, or be ashamed.

  1. Make contact with the author

Write a simple email to the blog owner explaining that you are offering to make a guest blog post for them. If this is your first contact with this blogger, briefly explain the topic of your blog and include a link.

Let the blogger know what you like about your blog, how your writing will fit into your blogging style and theme, and how your content will add value to your audience.

  1. Establish a clear and mutually beneficial agreement


The guest blog post is a win-win for the guest blogger and the host blogger. The guest blogger is exposed to a new audience, a good boost in traffic to his blog and more ranking of favourite search engines from the highly relevant link.

The blog host wins because he gets new and relevant content that provides something new for his readers and gives them some time to do other things. But blog readers also benefit because they gain exposure to a new writer and a different look at the subject.

Be sure to specify the terms of the agreement so that both parties are clear about the approximate content of the words of the publication, the date of publication, the number and types and location of the links, the ownership of the content, etc.

  1. Upload with the right content for the blog


Check the notes you took when you chose blogs to publish, and write from the perspective of someone familiar with the audience. Read recent publications to get ideas on how to complete and round out the focus of the blogger topic. Ask the blog host if there are any particular topics that he would like you to cover.

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