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Breaking the Myths related to remote teams

Remote work has become a part of the new normal since 2020. We can re-define the remote work as equivalent to the work at the comfort of our homes. As technology is progressing at a fast pace, the workforce is getting adapted to the new normal. Remote work is gaining high momentum due to the increasing lockdowns. Results from the online surveys suggest that most of the individuals have improved working morale towards the remote style of working and it is one of the best-preferred options among the many. Virtual teams refer to the style of working from different locations at their comfort levels.  Most of them are facing a burn-out due to fewer social interactions and questions the resilience of the employees. Covid-19 news, an increasing number of web series are some of the main distractions that can distract the mind.

Re-defining the issues related to remote work

  1. Low productivity: It is a common misconception that remote work is simply leading to the path of decaying productivity. The reality is that productivity and distractions play an inverse role. When employees get to work at their comfort levels, they have fewer distractions if they can manage their personal life properly and can pull off with the team
  2. Ineffective remote team management: We often believe that when the team is away from the office, proper regulating networks cannot be established but due to the increasing levels of technology, it is a new solution that can aid the managers!
  3. High costs are involved: Remote team can reduce the overall amount of costs due to the reduced cuts in electricity, transportation that the office has to engage with.
  4. Virtual meetings: Although it is not possible to sit together and have a conversation due to the increasing availability of applications like zoom, Google meet Skype, virtual meetings are becoming more effective

The key to effective remote team management

Reduced social interactions can play hard for the employees if they are finding it difficult to keep them on track and manage with the team. But internet monitoring software is making their entry visible due to their effective methods to improve productivity. One such software is work examiner which is popular due to the following features:

 1) Instant notifications

 2) Real-time screen capturing

 3) Efficient filtering

 4) Monitor many devices

 5) Quick alerts to the manager

  6) Real-time reports showing the idle and active time

  7) Filtering and disabling access to the dashboards