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Common faced issues in 123 hp com setup 2600

There is no second opinion about the quality of HP printers. These are first-rate products. Hp printers are popular all over the world. They help us to manage printing jobs very quickly.

But during 123 hp com setup 2600 or 123 hp com setup envy 4520, you might experience certain common and confusing situations. We will try to address some significant issues and their most feasible fix.

Following are some of the setup issues, along with their solutions:

  • The printer is not connected.

The printer not connected is a very confusing situation. Particularly when you have an important printing task to perform, this issue can spoil your time. It is very important to fix this issue as soon as possible.


This is a technical issue. You should try to fix it by resetting the device.

  • No response to wifi.

This problem is faced mainly during wireless setup. The printer stops responding to the wifi signal. And you cannot do any printing at all. You land up in a very baffling state!


You should reset the device. And try to eliminate interference, if any, in the path of the wifi signal.

  • Printer not printing.

This is also a common problem. The printer stops working and printing. You would get frustrated in this scenario. You cannot print a required document, and time is running away.

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There are several reasons for the printer, not the printing problem. It might occur due to improper setup, placement or power source not connected and many more. For most of the issues that are technical in nature, you should reset the device.


The HP printers are top-rated. These printers are capable of handling a significant number of printing tasks. But there are many issues that you might encounter while you do 123 hp com setup 2600 or 123 hp com setup envy 4520. We have here tried to enlist the significant problems and their solutions. We hope it will help you next time you set up an HP printer.