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Expedite Your Career Growth With A Cloud Certification: Learn These Opportunities


Pursuing a career in IT is a lucrative approach for every aspirant. But unless you have astute knowledge in it, accomplishing your dream career goals becomes intimidating. Google Cloud has become one of the prominent choices for leading establishments. So, striving for career excellence with Google Cloud certifications is a profitable tactic.

Google offers cloud services to drive transformation. It benefits employees and organisations by offering flexibility to build, optimise, and mitigate apps around cloud environments. Besides, it minimises vendor lock-ins and leverages sought-after solutions.

Cloud computing has opened a door of opportunities, from security and file storage to communication and other resources. As a budding aspirant in the IT world, you can accelerate your digital transformation with cloud training. Here are the multiple career options you may select after achieving a certification:

#1 Cloud Architect

The prime role of a Google Cloud architect is to design, create, and maintain cloud-centric systems. They also have a strong cloud computing understanding and are knowledgeable about its different components. Another dutiful responsibility of an architect is to be familiar with varying deployment models, such as private, hybrid, and public clouds. In addition, they can also perform the following jobs:

  • Manage & provision cloud solution infrastructures
  • Ensure solution & operations reliability
  • Analyse & optimise technical as well as business processes
  • Design for compliance and security
  • Manage implementations of the cloud architecture

#2 Security Engineer

Such an engineer’s role encompasses assessing and resolving security risks concerning cloud-based applications and systems. Security is the prime concern for any organisation implementing cloud into its system.

Given the rise of malicious users stealing sensitive information or using it, establishments must take preventive measures. That’s where the role of these security analysts gets noticed. These engineers focus on assessing, recommending, and fixing security risks associated with cloud-based databases and applications. It also protects –

  • Data in use
  • Data in transit
  • Data at rest

#3 A Developer

A developer’s prime duty is to design, maintain, and built cloud-based apps. A developer is a title that encompasses a range of development rules, from building and designing cloud-based apps to maintaining them.

These professionals have expertise and experience in traditional & cloud-based software development strategies. So, with the right skills, they can create innovative solutions that meet the clients’ requirements. They have the potential to –

  • Design scalable cloud-native applications
  • Build & test apps
  • Integrate Google Cloud services
  • Manage performance monitoring

#4 System Administrator

Managing cloud-based systems is the prime role of a system administrator. These professionals are responsible for maintaining the cloud-based systems. With their meticulous attention, they ensure the systems run smoothly. They might also be responsible for managing and monitoring the system’s security features.

#5 Cloud Consultant

These professionals offer guidance and advice on using the cloud. They help find the right methodologies for businesses, thereby offering support. They might also offer certifications and training to assist you in using the cloud more efficiently.

Cloud consultants can help review security, operational, and compliance performance. They also work for establishments to provide cloud solutions. For third-party providers, they can conduct reviews of cloud services and give professional consultations accordingly. So, the more diverse the certifications you acquire, the better your chances of pursuing a lucrative career are.

#6 DevOps Engineer

A Cloud DevOps engineer is responsible for the overall operation and management of the cloud-based system. They have expertise and experience with both operational and development tools. In addition, these experts also have knowledge of computing concepts.

A Google Cloud engineer develops, designs, and maintains cloud environment & automation practices, thereby assisting developers. In this highly digitalised world, a majority of companies rely on cloud solutions. So, the demand for these professionals has increased these days.

Cloud technology is continuously emerging, and newer certification examinations are getting released. That gives an excellent opportunity for aspirants to stay ahead of the curve.

So, if you think Google Cloud training and certifications are profitable for you professionally, discover your career objectives today. As an aspiring candidate who wants to build a profitable career, now is the time to consult Trainocate professionals for different Google Cloud courses. Opt for professional consultations from the team today.