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How the Customer Health Score Options Really Comes up

Customer satisfaction is an essential for businesses. It has many benefits across the business, such as increased loyalty and word of mouth.

Customer interactions take place on an increasing number of channels, on which customers are increasingly demanding. Measuring customer satisfaction provides valuable information to meet these expectations and adjust your strategy. In this article, we explain why customer satisfaction is important, how to measure it and how to improve it, with the help of 4 international experts!


Customer satisfaction is a term that everyone knows and the ultimate goal of all customer service departments. At first glance, the concept may seem quite broad: in this article, we focus on customer satisfaction as a measure.

During the same period, the three sectors with the best results were those of Industry, Accommodation and catering and Health.

Why measure customer satisfaction?

Measuring customer satisfaction is a key element of customer service. To improve their strategy and stay close to the expectations of their customers, companies must constantly measure their satisfaction.

Here are some of the main benefits of customer satisfaction:

  • Show your customers that you care about their opinion
  • Identify dissatisfied customers to take action
  • Identify satisfied customers to capitalize on their positive experience
  • Better understand what aspects of your customer service strategy need to be improved

Why customer satisfaction is an important one for businesses

Customer satisfaction has a significant impact on overall activity. However, only 48% of customers think that companies give priority to their satisfaction. The same study shows that 83% of growing companies consider customer satisfaction to be “very important”. This highlights the fact that the customer experience is now a priority and a success factor.

Customer satisfaction has a positive impact on a number of other aspects such as:

Contribute to brand loyalty: a satisfied customer will call on the company again and become more loyal. According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer can cost 5 to 25 times more than retaining an existing customer.

Measurement methods

The advantage of the Customer Health Score is that it is easy to implement and obtain results: the client can respond with a single click to choose the score. However, it does not provide complete feedback, which can be obtained with a customer satisfaction survey.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

A satisfaction questionnaire collects customer comments. By asking different types of questions about services / products, it goes further than the customer health note alone.

To obtain exploitable results and maximize the response rate, the implementation of the survey must be carried out with care.

How to set up a relevant customer satisfaction survey?

After having decided to measure customer satisfaction as part of your strategy, the implementation of your survey requires a specific methodology. To ensure that the results are relevant and actionable, there are a number of key points to consider.

What kind of feedback do you want to get?

The majority of companies regularly survey their customers, but many of them suffer from a low response rate. To escape this trap, here are a few things you should focus on when it comes to your own surveys.