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3 Electronic Gadgets You Surely Need at the Top Quality

It consumes more energy and stands out for its volume. However, the Best refrigerator has two compartments. That’s one for refrigeration and one for freezing. It also offers various additional functions, which require direct connection to a water supply (front ice dispenser, crushed ice and fresh water).

The different types of cold are static cold or ventilated cold.

The configuration of your kitchen

Its volume, adapted to the needs and habits of the home (for 1 person, count a useful volume of 100 to 150 liters and 50 liters per additional person). Be aware that a large, half-filled refrigerator uses as much energy as a smaller model.

  • Freestanding or integrable
  • Its energy class with precise labeling
  • Its food preservation autonomy in the event of a power failure

Freezing stars

If you choose a refrigerator with an integrated freezer, you must take into account the temperature performance of the appliance.

When purchasing, you must take into account the energy label on each product. It also informs you of energy consumption and allows you to compare the characteristics of the device.

The top washing machine

The Best washing machine is a device that opens from above, which therefore means that like the previous type of equipment, you will not be able to put anything on the hood since it must remain perfectly accessible. Such a device is especially appreciated for small spaces since it requires much less space. However, its laundry capacity is also reduced. Thus, the top washing machine is especially suitable for people who have few members at home, otherwise the volume of laundry taken into account could unfortunately be insufficient. Finally, the top washing machine is one of the cheapest washing machines.

The washer-dryer

The washer-dryer is a 2-in-1 device that will allow you, as the name suggests, to wash your laundry and dry it immediately after. In fact, all you need to do is put your laundry, detergent and any softener in it, program your appliance and let it do the rest. A few hours later, your clothes will be clean and dry again. The only thing the washer-dryer does not take care of is ironing, which will unfortunately remain at your expense.

AC and Energy

The Best AC energy classes lower than A +, today are considered not particularly performing. Their consumption is high, and could lead to the need for an increase in the power in kilowatts (kW) envisaged by our contract with the electricity supplier.

  • In this regard, it is sufficient to assume that, for the same performance,
  • A class A air conditioner consumes approximately 890 kWh,
  • While a class A ++ consumes just a third, or 321 kWh.

This is why the energy class of any household appliance including air conditioner (which you plan to buy) is important.

It goes without saying, then, that since the energy consumption of a system with a high / very high energy class is lower, and in the long term they will allow us to have a much higher saving than their higher purchase cost.

How to determine the power of an air conditioner

  • The BTU ( British T ermal U nit) is a unit of energy measurement.
  • The thermal power of an air conditioner is measured in BTU / h, that is, as a ratio between the quantity of heat exchanged and the time (one hour).
  • When you have to choose or rather when you have to size an air conditioner, you must also think in terms of BTU / h.

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