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Digital Marketing for a B2B Supplier

Before the Digital Marketing regime, the Business to Business (B2B) Marketing was more traditional, relationship based and location centered. Client acquisition took its own time because relationships took its time to develop and distances needed to be covered to meet. With the advent of digital marketing, those traditional walls are crumbling and new opportunities are getting opened in the B2B market space.

Though Digital Marketing has eased the process of entering into the B2B marketplace like never before, it takes careful thought and action on the part of the B2B supplier to reach out to the trade, communicate his objectives effectively and take on the competition. A real strategy is necessary to successfully reach out to potential B2B customers, impress upon them and sell his products or services. B2B Digital Marketing unlike Business to Customer (B2C) Marketing is more focused and needs precision audience targeting because the B2B marketers do not sell to domestic or B2C customers. The objectives of B2B Marketers/Suppliers are very limited and very different from B2C Marketers. B2B Marketers primarily target the traders, wholesalers,  C&F agents, stockists, small & medium business owners, home businesses, industrial units, business houses, offices and manufacturers. Their purpose is not mass branding but communicating their sales pitch or promoting their catalogue and getting timely response.

List latest look into the various aspects of digital marketing for a B2B supplier and check what needs to be done for or better implementation of Strategies and digital marketing methods.

Promotional Needs of a B2B Marketer

A B2B Marketer has his own set of digital marketing objectives that’s a far cry from the B2C product seller. Listed below are some of the objectives a typical B2B marketer may potentially have for his digital marketing initiatives.

  • To attract new buyers
  • To advertise his new product arrivals
  • To enter new markets
  • To support and motivate the trade
  • To announce news and updates
  • To leverage marketing opportunities in quicktime. (He needs ads to achieve this).
  • To address trade or public misconceptions and ally fears and apprehensions (Twitter can be effectively used for this purpose)
  • To sustain his brand image or improve brand reputation
  • To create back channel/easy communication channel or platform
  • To allow transparency in the trade
  • To reach multiple audience types

Challenges Faced by a B2B Marketer

  • With the competition intense in every field of business, getting business owners to consider trying new products is quite challenging.
  • Having a vast number of potential buyers for his products, driving over to them, reaching and meeting them individually is a near impossible task. He needs advanced methods to do these routine tasks.
  • Locating potential buyers and new/potential business starters across multiple cities or states is not possible.
  • Reaching out to a huge number of customers in a short span of time is a difficulty faced by a B2B Marketer.
  • It practically takes a lot of time to give a convincing presentation to each one of the potential buyers. He needs a system or two that automates his communication process and allows him to send across his marketing messages to multitudes of potential buyers in a matter of minutes.
  • Educate or re-educate or announce his new Offers, Deals, Trade Contests, Schemes, Ad Campaigns and Brand Promotion in order to support trade in case of a product with a mass appeal.  There is this problem of taking repeat orders from a vast number of existing buyers with limited available time, staff and resources.

Digital Marketing Opportunities for a B2B Marketer

  • Ecommerce websites and B2B directories provide platforms for selling and lead generation.
  • Social Media helps to connect with B2B and end-customers with an ability to do sustained promotion through content posts and ads.
  • Video and image sharing platforms come in handy to distribute his marketing content in the form of videos, infographics, banners, posters, creative banners, graphic and video ads.
  • YouTube channel helps him to present or explain his products through a series of videos with proper descriptions, keywords, video titles, tags and location targeting.

Benefits for a B2B Digital Marketer

  • Able to reach more audiences with better targeting methods and tools.
  • Marketing automation helps him to automate and schedule his marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • Social Marketing Tools help him to understand market reactions and moods.
  • With inbound marketing and email marketing, he is able to do audience aggregation.
  • Social media posts act as his touch points reaching, talking, convincing, supporting, re-activating and activating more trade partners, dealers, vendors, and product end-customers. Get to know more about B2B Digital Marketing benefits from Sydney seo agency.
  • Digital Marketing gives carry over effects in terms of both time periods and locations which will bring results from the present time and also in future, from locations nearby and far off places.


With a perfect digital marketing mix which may include ecommerce marketplaces, ads, videos, blogging, micro blogging, guest blogging, industry and trade journal publishing and SEO, you can reach out to more dealers and attract them. The more focused your approach is, the higher your chances of achieving your objectives. For this, you have to use the right tools for every step of the way beyond those methods and strategies. More than that, you have to use proper and quality content to represent your business. With an effective audience targeting method, the right audience targeting settings and understanding of the processes that are involved in your digital marketing strategy and processes, you can achieve your objectives with the best results.

Create a great digital marketing strategy, engage the right team, employ the right tools, implement with great precision, measure results and progress periodically – you will be able to pull the strings in the direction you set out for and achieve your purpose with thunderous results.