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The Top 7 Roy Lichtenstein Print You Need To Know


Roy Fox Lichtenstein was a great American pop artist known for his unique art movement. During the 1960s, he became one of the leading pop artists alongside his colleagues like Andy Warhol, James Rosenquist, Jasper John, and many others.

According to Lichtenstein, pop art is not an American painting but a notable industrial painting, and through this, his art was inspired by comic strips as well as popular advertising. More so, he attained a degree in fine arts, and his first solo exhibition was made at Carlebach galleries in New York.

He contributed immensely to the pop art world, and his name still rings when mentioning one of the greatest pop artists in the world. Also, as at 1951, his work was seen as abstract expressionism and cubism. Lichtenstein started his pop art using images, cartoons, and advertising imagery to form creative art and emotional subject matter.

Roy has received major commissioned work in several areas like the painting and sculptures of the Group 5 Racing Version of BMW320i, Palace Hotel in St.Moritz, after which he died in 1997 at age seventy-three.

The contribution of Roy to the pop art world can not be overemphasized. Having understood how he played an essential role in his career part, there is a need to know the several types of prints of Roy Fox Lichtenstein.

If you have been searching and surfing the web to get a variety of Roy Lichtenstein prints, this would be the end of your search. We have everything you have been looking for right here on our platform Take your time to read through and select the best one that meets your specifications. Besides, check out the list of top seven Roy Lichtenstein print you need to know.

1. Hand Shake Poster By Roy

The handshake poster by Roy Lichtenstein is unique in its style. It comes in an offset lithograph with smooth and lightweight white wove paper. The paper size of this artwork is 17 × 32 inches, while the image size is 11.1/4 × 20.9/16 inches.

2. WHAAM Art By Roy Lichtenstein 

The whaam art by Roy Lichtenstein is known to be a 1963 diptych painting that was first established at the Leo Castelli Gallery in New York. It is a realistic painting of an unreal world. It is sold out for $3,300, and the paper size, as well as the image size, is 63.7 × 74.7 cm.

3. Sunrise Pop Poster By Roy 

The sunrise pop poster by Roy Lichtenstein is one of the best, high-quality artwork that you would love to purchase. It issigned in pen offset lithograph and its paper size 22.3/4 × 32.1/2 while the image size is 18.1/8 × 24.3/8 inches. It is available for $1,500.

4. As I Opened Fire Art Work 

As I opened artwork by Roy is unique, unlike other artwork. It is a work of art that was hosted by the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. As I opened fire by Roy comes in a new dimension, and the paper size, as well as the image size of this artwork, is 25.3/16 × 20.3/4 inches. It is available on our platform for as low as $3,400.

5. The Temple Mailer By Roy

The temple mailer design by Roy Lichtenstein is simple. It has an offset lithograph foulded with poststamps. It is a bit expensive but worth buying. The paper size and the image size of this art is 22.13/16.17 × 58.7 × 43.1, respectively.

6. Apple Poster By Roy Lichtenstein 


The Apple poster by Roy Lichtenstein was not produced as a signed edition. It was designed with screen print and known to be hand-signed. The paper size of this art design is 35.1/16 × 25.9/16, while the image size is 23.1/2 × 19.1/2.The Apple poster is available for $800.

7. Sweet Dreams Baby Poster Artwork

The sweet dreams baby poster by Roy Lichtenstein is a vintage screen print exhibition poster. The screen print is hand signed in pencil with an offset lithograph in colors. The paper size of this artwork is 34 × 24 inches, while the image size is 24.1/2 × 17.3/4.

After checking all the information above, we hope you contact us for your favorite designed artwork by Roy Fox Lichtenstein at a great price.