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How to Motivate Your Team in 2021?

With the new system of remote work, a lot of people are facing problems and losing their productivity. This is majorly because of remote work and not being able to work face-to-face with other employees. People are losing motivation to show up online every morning and log in to their systems. Although some may say they have become productive working from home, many of them have started to lose interest as it has become monotonous and mundane.  Hence, there are some tips that can be followed in order to keep the team and employees motivated during these times.

Communication is Key

Isolation is bliss for some time, but not always. Initially all employees agreed to the entire work from home scenario as they did not have to travel to work. Overtime, this has now become very boring as people are working with machines day in and day out. Though, work has become a little flexible, this is not motivation enough to keep going. Hence, regular communication between the managers and employees is essential to keep them motivated. This gives a feeling of being recognised and heard even when not physically present in the office. Employees should feel free to contact everyone so that they feel connected and increase team productivity.

Analysing performance

Creating a system for analysing employee’s performance can be helpful in keeping them motivated. This can be done by adding a software where tasks can be assigned to all the team members and their performances can be analysed depending on various criteria. Some may complete the task sooner than others. This will help managers to keep a track of which employee enjoys doing what kind of tasks. This can be beneficial for both the employees as well as the business.

Praising and appraisal

Feedback is essential to growth. Most people do not understand how important is feedback, appraisal and rewards. These are motivating for most people. When people are physically present in the office, employees can see facial expressions, gestures and listen to the tone. However, when working remotely, it becomes difficult to provide feedback. However, it is crucial that appropriate and timely feedback is given so that employees know their strengths and weaknesses.

Team building activities

Team building activities can help in getting together all the employees and realizing the company’s goal and culture. This can be another way how members can be motivated to achieve their personal and company’s goals.

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