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How to Reset a WordPress Blog? The WP Reset Review


Do you want to reset your WordPress Blog? If you are like most Bloggers and if you need to reset your blog, you probably spend your days to learn to find the way to reset your Blog. If you are not satisfied with your Blog, resetting is the best way to start from scratch.

So on the off chance that you need to figure out how to reset WordPress with minimal effort, just keep reading this article.  I’ll teach you a simple tutorial to clear your database. It is really really easier than you imagine.

Why did you need to Reset your WordPress Blog?

I primarily see three situations you’re likely to reset your WordPress Blog. The most common cause is you just launched a new blog and you test a lot of themes, plugins and a lot of posts to see how it looks like. Then you hit a certain point and you want to start the blog from scratch.

Another thing is you are developing an entirely new WordPress Website for your client and something went wrong and you want to start over. Another thing could be you are changing your personal blog to a commercial one and you want to reset everything without any change to site title, WordPress address, and site address.

WP Reset – How to Reset a WordPress Blog?

Now it’s time to learn to reset a WordPress Blog using WP Reset. Just follow these steps to do a reset within seconds.

  1. Download and Install the WP Reset Plugin from the official website.
  2. Activate the Plugin.
  3. Go to your tools menu and click WP Reset to open Plugin’s settings page.
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and type reset in the confirmation field to confirm the reset and then click the “Reset WordPress” button to finish the action.

Resetting will delete all posts, pages, and comments from your database permanently. It will not touch any core files or plugins and themes.

Once you reset your blog and you think you need to run a live blog one day, you can use Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin from the same team behind WP Reset.