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Intelligently Combine The Tools: Shopify, Aliexpress And The Spy Tool

Some entrepreneurs are still in belief with the concept of “when you build it people will come and buy it”. This is only partially correct and it usually does not apply in the real world. The immediate consequence of blindly believing into the concept is that the product owners would have spent their time for nothing, and their business investment cash also for nothing. An example is when you first follow other people’s steps in doing dropshipping with a Shopify store.

When you are participating in dropshipping, you may already know the exact product (and the industry/niche of the product) that you are going to sell online through the online website you have set up. It is time to explore the product by ensuring there is sufficient demand where people are proactively searching for the product and/or comparing prices among different online stores in the internet. It does not hurt to check the niche/sub-niche of your product against some databases to see which are likely the most profitable niches and their best selling products.

The better version is to have a tool or software that can regularly update you with the best selling products that are also profitable in the most recent timeframe. Nichescraper can do exactly just that. Nichescraper is a spy tool that allows you to find the fast growing niche product for the previous one week, and spy on other Shopify websites to find out quickly what the best selling products of your niche are.

Before using such a reliable tool, many Shopify website owners (or dropshippers) would still sort products through the use of Aliexpress, which is a site that you can find many suppliers who are able to provide you with quotes and prices for many products that you can imagine selling across the entire world. From the site, you may be looking up the Order Count per product. You expect these numbers would do you magic because what they said is “most popular and profitable products.” That is in fact not entirely correct. The reason is that the Aliexpress Order Count would have included all the orders in the last six months. But what is the problem with that?

The direct problem is the products have been the most profitable over the last couple of months. You would almost always get the idea of people still have a lot of demands on the products. But the truth often is that the products are almost always over-sold and they are now the left over saturated products. If you place advertising over these products, the sales conversion rate would be much lower than the rate that was six months ago. You may end up suffering financially if you continue with your big promotions on the products.