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Major Security Concerns for Online Merchants and Shoppers – How to Deal with Them?

Online merchants and shoppers have started getting targeted the most in the recent COVID – 19 times since hackers have started coming up with innovative and dangerous ways of phishing attacks. As surprising as the data is, but there has been an overwhelming increase of 600 times in phishing attacks between February to March 2020 in the online retail market alone. And since more people are shifting toward online shopping, the retail sector is expected to suffer from more and more stronger phishing scams. These security concerns expose the companies as well as their customers to the following few problems. 

  • Shipping frauds
  • Identify manipulation 
  • Account hacks
  • Passwords breach 
  • Stealing card details for financial fraud

Despite measures, these problems are increasing because the IT teams and the fraud prevention cells aren’t being able to go to the office; hence, unable to properly work. 

That being said, let’s now take you through some of the ways in which you can reduce these phishing attacks as a merchant. Have a look! 

  1. Using Firewall Protection – Ensure that your employees use the company’s approved firewall for system protection against online threats. 
  2. Sending out Warning Messages to Customers – Ask your customers to never click on suspicious flagged links even if they seem to be coming from your website. 
  3. Updating Your App Regularly – Direct your IT team to regularly monitor the app for bugs and update the app from time to time to fix those bugs. Also, send update notifications to the customers to inform them about the new version that has been released. 

These are the 3 most effective ways in which you can secure your business. However, there is still a community need for awareness to ensure cyber security of customers. Which means that as a customer you will have to follow certain guidelines to maximize your protection against online threats. Some of those steps include the following. 

  • Using an antivirus software that can detect malicious websites and phishing emails with malware infected links.
  • Using firewall protection and safe payment links to protect your financial information. 
  • Creating a strong login password and not using the same password that you have used for any other account or website. 

All in all, the fight against online threats can be minimized only when everyone involved in the business will do their share of work. Having said that, whether you’re a customer or an online merchant, you must visit reputable websites like the Hikvision website,, where you’ll find many such online security tips.

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