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Making Large Products Stand Out with Durable IML

Have you bought your cookware, and do you mostly see the sleek packaging with the bright logo or the durable exterior?

Doesn’t it automatically make you think the product is genuinely durable? All of that is thanks to Durable IML. It produces products not just look that they will last longer, but they do make them sustainable.

Predominately IML has been used for rigid packaging. Now IML is used for durable goods such as toys and a few larger parts such as safety labels dishwashers, high-pressure washing machines, and handy machinery.

But, first here is what IML is.

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What is Durable IML?

IML stands for in-mould labelling. It refers to the decorative labelling we see on products. But, before that, here is what traditional IML works by;

  • Place the label inside a mould
  • Clapping
  • Injected melting resin
  • Fusion with the interior of the label
  • Cooling
  • Then remove the injected part as one piece

But nowadays you get Durable IML labels that utilize lamination through digital IML application. You get it for all materials and shapes and sizes. Including injection resin: PP, PE, PS, ABS, SAN, PC, PA 6, PA 12, etc.

What to Look Forward in Durable IML?

Now here is the thing, more than often people are yet constrained to IML aluminium foil is being used for smaller products. But, these days IML finishing is also for prominent products.

In-mould labelling (IML) is no longer restricted to only packaging and smaller products. It now replaces conventional post-mould decorating racing bikes.

Features of Durable IML

High Durability 

There is no other strong IML than Durable IML because the rest will wear off.

Washing Machine Approved

You can easily use products that have durable IML in your washing machines.

Dishwasher Resistant

Many cookware doesn’t come with the dishwasher approval. Durable IML comes with that promise.

UV Resistant

For outdoor products or even big tractors and mobiles, IML works excellent as it is YV resistant.

Food Safety 

When it comes to IML usage in the food industry, all raw materials used are approved by the FDA and EU laws for food and packaging.

Heat Resistant 

You can use the products anywhere, and it will come with minimum resistance to heat levels.


Packaging and technology have aimed at making it affordable, and most durable and Durable IML does exactly that for you.