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MilesWeb Unlimited Hosting – Various Reasons To Select


Unlimited hosting is the appropriate choice for the website. A website consumes all hosting resources to perform better on the internet. Unlimited hosting is like owning a large space where you can keep all the necessary things that your business needs, without any constraints. The large space is guaranteed so that a website never falls short of resources when any visitor tries to access it.

In MilesWeb unlimited hosting you get unlimited disk space hosting, resources, bandwidth, etc. so that it can work without any hurdles and can accommodate maximum visitors on a daily basis.

Importance of unlimited web hosting :

Host Unlimited Websites –

In case you are an IT agency and have various customers or brands under you. You may need an account where all these websites need to save. This condition mostly occurs for web developers and designers. They need to manage many websites at the same time, in order to maintain their reputation for after sales service. Now, it is not feasible to spend money on hosting each website separately. Instead, you can opt for an unlimited hosting plan from MilesWeb and host all your websites under a single hosting account. This makes your work easy, as you get the authority to adjust and access web pages and domains whenever needed.

Unlimited Bandwidth –

A few years back, website owners use to face many problems and most of them were due to less bandwidth. As the bandwidth was not sufficient, the website was not able to perform on the internet and hence they use to lose visitors. This has shown a loss in their sales figure too. Thus, to cope up with this situation, MilesWeb came up with unlimited hosting plans that offer unlimited bandwidth. This feature allows you to place any size of content and of any type like text, videos, gifs, images, etc. and the website still performs better.

Control Domains –

Every unlimited web hosting user gets the authority to access a powerful management tool. Using this tool, users can manage domains hosted under their account. It offers features like WHOIS management, DNS management, parked domains, domain registration, and domain transfer service. Along with it, it allows users to upgrade bandwidth at a low cost and also ID protection for their account.

MilesWeb In A Brief –

Till now, you have seen that MilesWeb offers unlimited hosting with unrestricted resources. Now, let’s see brief information about the company.

This web hosting company was started in the year 2012, with an aim to fulfill all requirements for everyone who wishes to use web hosting. They have always strived hard to provide an enhanced web hosting solution at very affordable prices. Till now the company has over 20,000 happy customers which makes them the only hosting to hit the record in such a small time. MilesWeb is a huge umbrella, that offers unlimited shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting plans, dedicated hosting, and cloud hosting.

The best in class Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers are offered by MilesWeb. With 24/7 support, they also offer 99.95% uptime and 30 days money-back guarantee.

MilesWeb Unlimited Web Hosting

Tyro, Swift, and Turbo plans are offered at just Rs.40/month, Rs.130/month and Rs.170/month respectively.

The specialty of these plans is you don’t need to buy a domain separately. That means, with a hosting plan you also get a domain name. Also with Swift and Turbo plans you get two domain names, this offer is for a limited period, so avail it soon.

Features of unlimited hosting –

Free SSL Certificate :

Every account gets a free SSL certificate embedded to protect website data. The Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate also helps in ranking your website at a higher position in search engine results.

Free Site Builder :

The in-built site builder tool, allows you to create your own website. It contains tons of free templates so that you can select one and create a website in a jiff. No coding or any technical knowledge is required to build a website using this tool.

SSD Storage :

SSD storage helps in speeding up the website performance.

cPanel Control Panel :

The web-based graphical interface known as cPanel allows you to manage a website easily. It also allows you to create FTP accounts, email accounts, databases, etc.

Along with these features, the MilesWeb expert team protects every website from all types of malware. All hosting accounts come with the latest PHP and MySQL software.

Do you want to host a website so that it won’t lag in the future?

Then, get in touch with MilesWeb for their unlimited hosting plan.