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New Product Roundup: The Innovative Mamba Electric Herb Grinder

Relatively new products can have a hard time breaking into the market.  Sometimes this is because there are already high-quality products out there doing the job well, and sometimes this is because the new product just doesn’t have the right eye-catching innovative features to draw the eyes of consumers.

In the case of the Mamba hand held electric grinder ,  neither are reasons that will hold this grinder back from taking the market by storm.  We are thinking that this grinder will be raising the bar for what constitutes a good herb grinder, and unfortunately for those looking to put their products out there, it will get harder with the Mamba now available for sale.

Is the Mamba Electric Grinder the Best Grinder Ever Made?

Simply put, yes.

The Mamba accomplishes what many other products do: it grinds herbs.  What sets it apart from the competition is that it solves many problems that plague existing electric and hand-operated grinders, and also introduces feature combinations that make it an innovative, original product.

At the Mamba’s core is its strong, reliable powertrain.  The powerful electric motor and all-metal gear set drive the aluminum grinder where interlocking aluminum teeth shred any herbs into a perfect grind.  Forward and reverse directions allow for complete and easy emptying of the grinder, and the factory-set screen only allows perfectly ground pieces of herbs to exit the grinder into whatever container you choose.

With the grinder laying upright on its back, herbs can be loaded directly into the grinder with one hand.  The Mamba has deep loading wells that make loading simple and clean, and there is no fighting to put the unit back together.  We really like that the entire design of the Mamba is about getting the perfect grind exactly where you need it without wasting product.  There is no guesswork involved or trial and error.  This grinder does what all grinders should do: get your herbs ready for use.

One-handedness is central in the Mamba’s design.  As mentioned above, the Mamba can be loaded with one hand when it is set up on a flat surface.  More importantly, the Mamba grinds easily with only one hand, and the design is ambidextrous.  We haven’t seen a grinder that is so simple to use.  It would be a strong product based on this alone, but it is an excellent grinder in all aspects and built to last.

The durability and quality of the Mamba is apparent when it is held in your hand.  It is perfectly balanced, and this feature makes it a pleasure to use.  The Mamba takes all the various steps of grinding and condenses them into a single flip of a switch, and the transparent cone at the end of the unit allows for your grind to dispense wherever you want it, without waste.

The Mamba maximises speed, quality, and enjoyment without compromising on the quality of the grind.  You can trust this grinder with your finest herbs and know that you’ll get to enjoy more of them since the Mamba’s design naturally results in less waste than other hand-operated grinders.

Mamba: The World’s Best Grinder

Should I buy a Mamba Electric Grinder?

The Mamba is the ideal grinder for the experienced user or complete beginner: it redefines the grinding task in such a way that all other products on the market just don’t offer the same combination of features and quality.  So we can say with a high degree of confidence that the Mamba is the grinder to watch for 2020 and onwards: now that this grinder is around, newcomers are going to have a pretty hard time getting their grinders any foothold.