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Night Photography: Landscape, Architecture, And Portrait


Without light, there will be no photo. Once the sun has set, we would, therefore, be tempted to think that it is necessary to put away the camera. Except that the lights of the city present a particular charm that we sometimes want to photograph, a fortiori in these festive periods when the light decorations begin to embellish our cities (and to add light). Especially since in winter, the days are short. So let’s see together how to get out of a situation that may seem difficult at first.

At night, the main constraint is the lack of light. But it is always important to ask the question of constraints to deal with a photographic situation. In addition, you want to know more about photo editing software, visit

Tips For Landscape, Architecture, Etc 

Night photography is a very diverse discipline: it can bring together urban landscapes, architecture, life scenes, portraits, etc. The advice from these disciplines, therefore, applies just as much, even if they are limited by constraints. Here are some loose tips that you may find helpful in improving your night shots:

Shoot During “Blue Hour“: It is the moment after the golden hours when the sun is set, but the sky is still royal blue for a few tens of minutes. Having a sky of this color is much more aesthetic than an all-black sky, and provides a complementary color to the orange-yellow of the night lights.

Water Is Your Friend: Especially in long exposure, reflections in the water are extremely aesthetic.

If you find it hard to focus, go live and focus naturally by enlarging the image. Try to charge your batteries well; the long exposure wears out faster. For more info go to

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