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Noise Cancelation in Gaming Headphones: Which Ones to Buy and How They Work

Years ago, the first record players appeared and people started to listen to music in public places or even at home. Subsequently, with radio and the evolution of technologies it has been easier to listen to music, and today, everyone can listen to their favorite music wherever they go.

Noise Reduction Rating is a measure of the effectiveness of a hearing protection device to reduce noise levels. Undoubtedly, the arrival of smartphones and streaming music services has made us see more and more people everywhere with their headphones and their phones listening to music. However, the noises of the street, the people, the cars make that if we do not have a headset that isolates us from that sounds, our listening experience will not as good as we would like. That is why noise-cancelation feature is crucial for really enjoying your favorite tunes.

How noise cancellation in headphones works

The systems of cancellation of noise or ANC (Active Noise Control) are those that allow us to cancel the unwanted noise based on the interference of waves. As everyone knows, noise is transmitted in the form of sound waves. When we have waves of the same frequency in the same space, then we talk about interference.

These interferences can be constructive or destructive, depending on whether the resulting wave is of greater or lesser amplitude than the wave of interest. This feature is what is used to make active noise cancellation. To do this, we must create a sound wave that interferes with the wave we want to cancel and the combination of both results in noise cancellation.

Therefore, when we talk about headphones with noise cancellation, the waves of ambient noise are those that join the waves of the music we want to hear. Therefore, the noise cancellation system integrated in the headphones emits a sound wave that collides with and cancels the wave of ambient noises all around you. This allows us to listen to our favorite music in the best possible way.

That wave emitted by the headphone noise cancellation system must be the same but opposite to the perceived phase of the ambient noise, so that the interference between them is destructive and cancels the arrival of noise to our headphones.

The noise cancellation will not be 100% as seen from the theory. When we talk about ambient noise, the issue gets a little more complicated since we usually move and the ambient noise may be higher in a few moments than in others. What is certain is that the experience of listening to music with conventional headphones is very different from the one you can enjoy when wearing headphones with a noise-cancellation system.

Some drawbacks of headphones with noise cancellation

Since the main advantage of using headphones with noise cancellation is clear, it is better to keep in mind that we can also find some drawbacks.

The price of headphones with noise cancellation is one of the main disadvantages. It is evident that the fact of incorporating a noise cancellation system, makes the price of headphones more expensive.

Luckily for us, we can always find something that suits our budget without sacrificing good specs. Take for example the SOMiC G951S Purple Gaming Headset. Gaming headphones usually have some of the best noise-cancellation systems, and the SOMiC ones are no exception. This product from SOMIC has proven to give maximum comfort when you use it for gaming and listening to music. To see its complete features, you can have a look at their official website: