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Smartest Options in the Entire Link Building Process

Since more and more webmasters use nofollow links, it is very unnatural if you do not have nofollow links in your link profile.  Therefore make sure you have both dofollow (normal backlinks) and nofollow backlinks. From the link building agency you can find the best deal now.

Ensure relevance and forget page rank

  • Internet is full of link building packages and articles about getting backlinks with a high page rank .
  • Although a link from a page with a high page rank is certainly good in your link profile, you can better focus on relevance.
  • If you only get links from websites with a high page rank (or page authority) then this is suspicious.  Google will then examine your link profile more quickly.
  • If your profile only consists of irrelevant links from high pagerank pages, that will ultimately cost your position.
  • If Google finds out that you have bought your links, then you are hanging anyway.

 Vary your link building strategy

 Having links from various channels contributes to a healthy link profile.  Choose your channels carefully.

Do not be tempted by clear, paid links or link farms (websites with hundreds to thousands of links).

Choose a varied profile, links from social media, blogs, forums, articles or start pages.

Use the easiest and most powerful backlinks

 Internal links are extremely important for your website

 Internal links ensure: 

  • Value distribution 
  • Crawl convenience 
  • User convenience 
  • A better visitor time 
  • Low bounce rates

But internal links are also very important for your link building. The value distribution of your website follows a logical hierarchy.  The more linked to the page, the higher it is on the ladder. The more links that refer to a page, the more valuable it becomes. If you understand this correctly you can start with strategic link building.

The latest link building tips for more backlinks

Gathering backlinks is part of search engine optimization that can quickly go wrong.

Do you want better results via link building?  Then stick to the following .

Provide valuable content

When you present valuable content to other webmasters, you are more likely to get a link.  In addition, Google will continue to evaluate itself and valuable content will become more and more central.

Do not forget to link yourself while writing articles.  Having outbound links makes your website complete for visitors and it increases the chance of backlinks from others.  And of course don’t forget the internal links.

Promote your content

For every page on your website, remember that people can only link if they know that the page exists. Promote your articles in your industry.  Be active on Twitter, Facebook and other social channels. Also post your messages on press sites such as or well-known forums in your branches. There is always a channel that you can use for your promotion.  Consider answering questions on advice sites, LinkedIn groups or, for example, the website of the Chamber of Commerce.