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Start Them Young – Kids & Golf

We all want our children to pick and pursue a game. Starting them young is the best way to get them started. If you are an avid golfer, it probably would be your dream to get your young ones on the golf course someday for a day full of family fun. This dream although comes with one catch – what if your kids aren’t interested in the game at all? You hardly meet grownups who’ve developed to show interest in playing golf. So how do we get children to adapt to the game in the first place? In the scenario of online learning, competitive exams and sports where do children find any intent in golf?

Leave Control

Kids just want to have fun; let them find the game interesting at the outset.

Start With Basics, Keep It Simple

Teach them the fundamentals – the grip, the hits, the chase, and the putts; but let them take control.

Practise Makes Them Perfect

Some courses do reserve the time and area for children who wish to learn. Maximize on their practice time and don’t worry about holding up the group behind you.

Pat On The Back

Children don’t like lectures and boring teaching techniques. They yearn for unadulterated attention and praise. So a casual “good swing!”, “nice shot” could make it fun for them and want to come back often.

Make It Fun

Let them hit the ball a few times before starting your lessons. Infact, let them tell they want to take serious lessons. If you turn fun time into lessons too soon, kids usually lose interest faster. Also embrace the attitude of kids teaching you back; let them have a great time!

Stop Worrying About Results; Faster Results

It’s not always about the outcome. Golf instills a sense of sportsmanship and mental health benefits in the long run. Stop worrying about how the kid is hitting the ball, forget about whether they have the potential; just focus on them having fun in the beginning. If they fall in love with the game, they will ask for professional training.

After you have taught, or found someone to teach your kids the “right” way to play golf, next step is to get them the right equipment. If you hand them your clubs they will be too long and heavy for them. A club that is too long, too stiff and too heavy hinders the performance of the golfer. Finding a club relative to their size and height is of utmost importance.

If your child shows further interest to pursue golf on a competitive level, you could perhaps get him/her a golf cart. A golf cart not only helps ditch the hard work of tugging your own gear, but  also the perfect choice for outdoor camping and a lot of family outings in the wilderness. Consider resorting to professionals such as Golf Trolleys UK who are authorized retailers in golfing equipment and offer services in electric buggy, scooter and trolley repairs to customers in Oswestry and across Shropshire. They also have a wide selection of second hand buggies and golf gear (visit website)if you don’t wish to invest big time, the very first time.

Lastly if you’re thinking if golf is worth your or your kid’s time, it totally is! It’s a game of a lifetime!