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Steps on How to Create lol accounts

You have probably heard about League of Legends and how popular it is to gamers and avid players around the world. You can both play them on your smartphone and also on your desktop or laptop for as long as you have a good and stable internet connection then you are good to go. In case you wanted to try out this game, it is very easy to begin. Just make sure that it isn’t going to ruin your busy schedule since this will 100% hook you up. So if you are interested to play this game, this article will guide you on how to create lol accounts, just make sure to follow it and by the time you read and understand them then you are ready to play the game.

Choose which platform you want to play

It was mentioned a while ago that you can now play League of legends through your smartphone or it can be through your desktop or laptop. You have to make sure that you have downloaded them. The spend of your download depends on how fast your internet connection is. So if you have a slow internet connection at home or wherever you may be, just take time and have patience. After you have successfully downloaded them, now is the best time to create your account. The next thing that you should do is go over their official website or if you have downloaded your lol into your smartphone then you can go over the app and check it out. If you see that you need to register first, then follow what is being asked from you such as your desired username and other vital details such as birthdate and email address. Once you have already registered your account, now you can enter your username as well as password and it is now the beginning of your lol journey. You are given the chance to select what region you are in and what character you wanted to play.

If you don’t want to go over the tutorial part you can just purchase a lol account

If you don’t have much time to undergo the whole process of building your rank in League of Legends, you do have a choice to purchase one instead and immediately go over level 30 without spending a lot of time. It is a very time-saving move but at least you don’t have to go over the steps most especially if you are already very familiar with the game. Most of the time pro players do this. After all, they don’t have much time to go over the tutorial and building up your rank again because they have already done it in their main account. They just wanted to play in other regions because they find their first and main region a bit boring or if they wanted to try out other characters they can do that as well in their new account.

There are a lot of online sellers that sell lol account, just make sure that you find a good one, or else you wouldn’t enjoy your new account. Before you settle your accounts, do first a bit of research about them and see if there are a lot of positive reviews and comments from their customers and clients. If they have a lot of positive reviews, then that means you are on the right track. Don’t forget to do some research or better yet ask some gamers and other players who can recommend you a good online lol accounts sellers.