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The aspect of Perfection with the best Online Games

When it comes to the online games, then it is for sure that you will be having the best games to play in every place. Significantly, Battlefield V is already offered with significant discounts. SuperData estimates that only 1.4 million digital copies of the game have been sold. And the physical sales are also said to be far from rosy. The game certainly has potential, but given the issues mentioned it is difficult to conclude otherwise that the game was released too early. Of course, EA and Dice are only too happy to point to the games-as-service model of Battlefield V, where updates and new content are released regularly. It is also frequently emphasized that all this extra content is free and that there is no longer a premium pass.

The Requirements of EA

Undoubtedly EA wanted to have the game on the shelves before the end of this year, but the two years between the release of Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V have clearly been too short, especially with the different DLCs that have been released for Battlefield 1 was released. In that regard, history repeats itself a bit, as Battlefield 4 also came out two years after Battlefield 3 and was struggling with many bugs, server issues and glitches upon release. Half a year later, most issues were resolved, and the game is now often seen as one of the best, if not the best, Battlefield game in recent years, but Battlefield 4 was actually unfinished upon release. For the lol smurfs account this is one perfect choice that you can opt for now.

Fallout 76

The fallout after the release of Fallout 76 that developer Bethesda endured was not nauseous. This game has only been released since November, but is already offered with significant discounts. The game received a 5.5 in the Tweakers review, which on Metacritic is almost exactly the average of all game viewers. As always, the average of users on Metacritic is even lower, but ratings like this for a large and previously acclaimed series of games speak volumes. Bethesda broke the offline tradition with Fallout 76, turning the latest title into a full online adventure. That means a goodbye to the traditional VATS system where a fight can be completed in slow motion and players have the chance to shoot at specific body parts of, for example, an enemy mutant. As an online game, VATS is now in real time, which cannot count on much enthusiasm, partly because it now adds little more and no longer gives that cinematic feeling during a fight.

The Other Choices

Another curious choice is the fact that the fallout shelter in the Fallout 76 story is the first to open after America destroyed by nuclear bombs. And so there is no NPC in the world, while those in earlier parts gave color to the game world and the story. The server stability and performance are also not optimal; firing three nuclear explosions simultaneously turned out to be enough to crash the server. 

Furthermore, the post-apocalyptic RPG suffers from the necessary bugs and other problems, something Bethesda herself also recognized. And then it also went wrong with the helmet carrying case of the included Power Armor edition of Fallout 76. It turned out to be made of cheap nylon, while it had to be made of canvas.