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The Development of the Technical Solutions for the Best


As far as the technological space is concerned, it has come to witness phenomenal growth and development over the past decade. There are many areas of development that the world has comes to know in the technological sphere over the years. However, there are few top technological developments that are known to have revolutionized how the whole system functions and has made things quite easy and convenient to handle for one and all. In that line, Streaming has come about a huge sort of technological development that has garnered widespread reach and attention over the past few years. There are few top notch and reliable engineering consultancy service providers that has come out with some of the best technical support and assistance in this regard. 

Cradle Consulting 

Cradle Consulting is a Thailand company that comes across as the best and most popular engineering consultancy service provider. It is known to disseminate engineering tools in Thailand and ASEAN areas to a great extent. Cradle Consulting was founded in the year 2016 with a vision to develop technical potentials and also come up with different types and kinds of innovations that would help the technical field take a giant leap. It also comes across as something suitable for the work of flow dynamics simulation which includes that of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) for the engineering industry of Thailand. It is able to come up with findings and technical engineering models that are not limited to just one area of functioning but also various areas of operation which includes automotive, machinery, electrical appliances, marine industry, aviation industry, oil and gas, bio pharmaceuticals and other such spaces.


The company has been with partnership with some of the best talents in the world and has come about with interesting findings overall. One of the most popular and well known technical engineering happens to be that of scSTREAM. The scSTREAM CFD flow and heat dynamics simulation program is known to be used in Electronics and architecture industry for over thirty years now. It comes across as software that is incessantly developing special and quite convenient interface along with that of high speed processing that offers for exceptional experience overall. It also comes with that of an add-on Heat-Designer which was specifically created based on the scSTREAM model. It has been particularly developed for the thermal design of electronic products. Heat Designer provides the physical functions that are much needed for the design. It also comes with the ability for cooling with a simple interface and influential calculation performance on the whole. 

There are some stunning ranges of program functions that it is known to come with and that includes various methods for showing geometrics in shape. The shape and shape of the object are calculated and displayed by way of the method of voxel method which comes across as a curved surface in a square shape. It has the perfect cut-cell method which is the shape of models created using CAD tools that can very well go on to display geometries more in a precise manner. It has the final method that comes with finite element model method that goes on creating an unstructured mesh to maintain the shape as well as details of the model.

Calculation of large areas

The program is known to greatly help with large area calculations. The mesh that is available at the structure is able to guarantee complex formats without any issues. There is also no need to adjust or change the shape or size of the model. Most importantly, the system does not affect the complexity in creating mesh along with that of a solver that is known to perform high-speed calculations as well as that of parallel calculations. The unique and top notch system also helps with processing efficiency and wide converges along with the increase in the speed of calculation. The function is also dependent on the number of threads of CPU used. There are also plenty of other program functions which include that of movement of object, discreet element method and much more. 


The scFLOW is a thermo fluid analysis system that comes with that of polyhedral mesh for support. It comes across as new CFD software, scFLOW, which has been developed to be a cutting-edge tool that comes along with a plenty and varied range of technologies. It is also known to come along with easy-to-use features. This specific software is now known to install a new solver which is more stable. It also comes with a system with calculating speeds three times than before which also happens to be the maximum speed. It also comes including a new pre-processor that helps beginning users create complex models and high quality meshes for best results. 

Functions that are best

ScFLOW comes along with varied ranges of program functions. It greatly helps with that of reducing the complexity of the pre-processor. It needs to be understood that the operation was quite simplified from that of CAD data to mesh data analysis. The previous software versions were maintaining assembly data from CAD. It also allows users to have a continuous range of experiences along with the software versions maintaining that of the assembly data from CAD. It is also known to set various conditions that would allow users to have continuous best experiences from that of the CAD operations. It also greatly reduces the difficult task of setting up. 

Polyhedral mesh building system

The polyhedral mesh improves the stability of the calculation to a great extent as it provides for more accurate calculations. By way of using that of the Cell-Center Calculation System in scFLOW’s Pre-processor, users can very well create a model mesh for perfect outcome. Based on the number of meshes, the automated mesh building system will scale the structure according to the details of the model. The automatic mesh creation function helps user to identify the mesh size level of each part and area of the model. On the whole, both ScStream and ScFlow are known to be hugely helpful in creating best outcomes.

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