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Top 12 Best Remote Employee Monitoring Software Options

In the past few months, the trend of home based work has seen a major surge as the global pandemic continues to grip. So there are more kinds of remote monitoring software alternatives than ever before which are upcoming in the technological arena. Surveys have found that 99% want to work remotely, earning their daily bread as well as staying safe in the pandemic.

  1. Work examiner

It is an excellently updated employee controlling software which enables the individual to keep a check on his work employees and monitor their activities. The attendance can also be recorded in this manner. It also can record all computer activity.

  1. Pukka team is also a software for video monitoring which shows screenshots of your team members heads as a whole and helps you to monitor their activities. To invite someone for video calling, you just need to click on a photo.
  2. Password

The passwords are the secure gateways of logins to your web portals. This app recalls effectively all the passwords on your social networks as well as online service apps.


Maintaining employee good will is important. This software helps you to get detailed information about your employers by conducting surveys which take mere minutes to commence. The team members also have the alternatives of being totally incognito while answering their queries so as to provide honest feedback.

  1. Coffitivity

This is an iPhone application which can emulate the sound of a café to help you realize the outdoor ambience and help your creativity in a better manner. It is free of charge which is the best part.

  1. Hubstaff Tasks

It is a software built for project management and is very streamlined. The team members can be allotted projects and alerted so that they do not miss out on anything, in terms of comments.


  1. Google Drive
    his is the most commonly used and very popular network platform, mostly used in e-schools nowadays. There are many office tools for creating and editing documents and storage space for files and folders.
  2. Zoom

        It has become the most talked about and touted platform be it for webinars or personal gatherings online It is very much in use, though its safety features are being questioned by many.

  1. Slack

This software is a godsend when it comes to sorting out issues and communication problems.

  1. Hello sign

 You need to keep your documents protected in e-zones and this app is just perfect for it.

  1. Todoist

It serves excellently as a virtual checklist.

  1. Xero

The businesses mean accounts, bills and invoices and Xero is meant for that.

This is a major boon in itself. It shows free-30 day trial.