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Top 3 Best Screen Locks Apps For Android

Screen lock is commonly a security highlight that counteracts unapproved access to the device. Furthermore, truly, the screen lock is the main screen you will always visit on your android gadget. Since each time you get your cell phone, you need to accomplish something on the lock screen to go any further.
Be it a straightforward swipe, stick code, secret word, or some other degree of security you have chosen. So for this most extreme significant piece of your device, you without a doubt would prefer not to take any risk so, here you will know about Android Launchers.

Top 3 Best Screen Locks Apps for Android

Furthermore, on account of which there are many third-party lock screen applications to help you.

CM Locker

CM Locker is a security lock screen application which will give you a chance to give your gadget a charming new look with huge amounts of customization alternatives.
When you set CM Locker as your default lock screen, you can begin customizing its highlights. Later pick the kind of protection you need, for example, a pin code, pattern password, or fingerprint lock. The application likewise lets you naturally change your backdrop and theme each day.
Additionally, it has an anti intrude highlight which snaps the photograph of any individual who puts a wrong password on your gadget. So make your life simpler and ensure your gadget with CM Locker.

Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture lock screen as the name proposes gives you a chance to open your gadget with a one of a kind gesture set by you. Simply draw something whether it be numbers or letters and you are good to go. Not just gesture you can likewise set a fingerprint or pin code to open your gadget.
It likewise sends interloper caution and photograph to your email address when somebody attempts to enter your gadget with a wrong gesture. Likewise, the application has huge amounts of customization choices to choose from that will make your cell phone progressively great. So effectively open your cell phone with a customized gesture with the Gesture Lock Screen.

Floaty Lockscreen

Get proficient themes, style and heads-up notices with the Floatify Lockscreen application. It is the main application that can stamp messages as read.

Likewise, you can legitimately send messages from the notification bar and furthermore can answer with a predefined message without composing. The application likewise has a keen wake upsetting which will turn on your screen when you pick your phone.

Next Lock Screen

Next Lock Screen is created by Microsoft which gives you a chance to alter your cell phone with an ultimate look. Set this application as your default lock screen.
And afterward, just pick your protection type with a PIN or pattern code and furthermore with a fingerprint. Get delightful wallpapers consistently to set on your screen or use pictures from your own gallery. So get your hands on intriguing highlights that will give your lock screen a rich look with the Next Lock Screen application

What we like

  • Your phone is safe and secure
  • They give your phone a charming and new look

What we don’t like

  • The applications slow down your phone sometimes.

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