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Top 3 Most Common Uses For Private Proxies

Although there are myriads of public proxies on the Internet, some people still choose private proxies. Why? Moreover, public proxies are free of charge, so why would anyone opt for paid proxy services? If you want to know the answers to these questions, we are here to help. As it turns out, there are numerous reasons to give preference to private proxies over public ones.

Why should you use private proxies

If you use public proxies, you should remember that they are literally public, as other people, a lot of people use them too. There could be dozens of customers linked to the same proxy server at once. Private proxies are different as they offer privacy. Here are three reasons to use private proxies.

1. Privacy

Private proxies offer anonymity as they are well secured. Anonymity is a crucial feature of proxies, and this can be incredibly helpful not only for ordinary internet users but also for companies that need the most powerful protection for their networks.

2. Play games

Gamers love proxies as they improve the internet connection. Moreover, proxies provide gaming enthusiasts with a high level of security as they defend them from horrible DDoS attacks that had become common within the gaming community. In addition to all these cool features, proxies help people to form teams with members from all over the world.

3. Access locked websites

If you want to access websites that are blocked in your country, the solution is simple. You can change your location at ease by using a private proxy server that is situated in an area where the web source is available. This is particularly true for video sites such as Netflix and YouTube. You might have notice that you can watch different videos when you are in Europe or in the United States of America.

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