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Verizon Wireless Plans

Verizon Wireless is one of the top phone providers in the United States. If you have ever looked at a phone in the states, you have probably heard of them. Many other countries also offer services from Verizon Wireless. Before getting a phone many people want to know Verizon wireless plans. Like with most phone companies though, that varies. Verizon offers a lot of plans that you can look at.

Verizon Wireless Plans are known to be expensive but they offer great service compared to many other phone providers. Service such as a large number of cellular towers and unlimited plans. Hence if you are currently using Verizon Networks you can find the latest verizon phone deals for existing customers.

Unlimited Plans

Verizon Wireless offers a number of unlimited plans for you to choose from. Here are some of the Verizon Plans:

One Line:

  • Go Unlimited – $75
  • Beyond Unlimited – $85
  • Above Unlimited – $95

Two Line:

  • Go Unlimited – $65/per line
  • Beyond Unlimited – $80/per line
  • Above Unlimited – $90/per line

Three Lines:

  • Go Unlimited – $50/per line
  • Beyond Unlimited – $60/per line
  • Above Unlimited – $70/per line

Four Or More Lines:

  • Go Unlimited – $40/per line
  • Beyond Unlimited – $50/per line
  • Above Unlimited – $60/per line

Plans For A Single Plan

If you want a plan that offers a the right amount of data for a single device, you are in luck. These Verizon Wireless Plans are for those who have devices they want to connect that are not phones. With the exception of the Basic Phone Plan.

  • Basic Phone Plan (500 MB of data) – $30
  • Tablets (1 GB of data) – $10 
  • Hotspot (1 GB of data) – $10
  • Wearable (1 GB of data) – $10

Applicable plans also come with unlimited talk and text. 

Connected Home Plans

Verizon Wireless offers a number of plans for those who want internet in their homes. This is a relatively new service for some areas but overall it has been well received. For those that want to know the Verizon Wireless Plans Prices when it comes to connect homes, we have them for you.

  • 10 GB of Data – $60
  • 20 GB of Data – $90
  • 30 GB of Data – $120
  • 40 GB of Data – $150

Shared Data Plans

Verizon Wireless Plans includes shared data plans. The prices of these plans are based on the amount of data that you want to share. All plans have a $20 fee per line that is a smartphone device.

  • S Plan (2 GB) – $35
  • M Plan (4 GB) – $50
  • L Plan (8 GB) – $70 
  • 5 Plan (5 GB) – $55

All data after the plan allotment is charged at $15 per GB of data.

Employer Discounts

We always recommend checking with your employer before getting Verizon Wireless. Many employers offer premium Verizon Plans. Employer discounts are negotiated between Verizon Wireless and your company, so there is no way for us to know the exact benefits you might get. To find out whether your company counts or not, you can contact Verizon directly to find out more.

Military And First Responder Discounts

Military members and first responders can get special Verizon Plan. A 15% discount is available for eligible plans. If you are looking for unlimited plans such as the Go, Beyond, Above Plans, you can get $15 off one line or $35 off two. For anything over 2 lines you save $40 on your bill. In addition, you get 25% off select accessories when purchased through your online account.

Traveling Outside The United States? Calling Outside The United States?

Verizon Wireless Plans do not always come with international calling or traveling abroad. Verizon has a number of plans and options for those looking to talk internationally. Take a look at the international page on Verizon Wireless’s website to find out more.

Verizon Wireless Plans come in many different options. You are able to get plans that match your exact needs. These are the major options but make sure to check back as the plan options sometimes change. Also make sure to ask whether or not you will be signing a contract for a certain period of time, some plans need one while others don’t.

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