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VPN Services:  Very Pleasing Network

VPN is an abbreviated form of Virtual Private Network. It is an efficient tool widely being put in use by the people to protect the privacy of users while surfing the web. It makes use of the Internet for the easy transportation of data. It is similar to a tunnel structure built for transmission of data between the networks, basically a network of an organization and remote users. It helps in hiding all the data and the IP address.

The speed of VPN is considered to be an important decisive factor that is considered by a good number of people while deciding whether they should make use of a VPN or not. Speed does matter a lot when it comes to using the Internet. Though VPN helps with improved online security and even provides blocked content, slow service can degrade the overall experience.

Factors Influencing the Speed of A VPN

Certain factors influence the speed of a VPN. These are:

  • The Server Location of VPN

Connection with the VPN server close to the location results in a better speed. The increased distance between the VPN server and the user enhances the complexities of Internet traffic, which slows the speed of the VPN. Data has to travel a greater distance with the increased complex traffic, and hence picking the closest VPN server to the location is the best option.

  • VPN Protocols

A VPN connection can be established by using different protocols. Some of the popular ones include the name of Open VPN, SSTP, PPTP, and L2TP/IP Sec. Each protocol results in a difference in the VPN speed. There is no such hard set of rules that would help determine which protocol offers the best speed. However, one can find that switching to different protocols helps in improving the VPN speed.

  • Encryption Level

A strong level of encryption is often the complex ones that slow down the VPN. However, lowering the encryption strength makes the VPN connection of a less secure nature. There is important to make sure a perfect balance of encryptions to maintain the speed level.

  • VPN Server Load and Bandwidth

A server overloaded with bandwidth provides slower speed experiences. It is necessary to check how powerful these VPN server areas are as they significantly impact speed. can help you fetch good knowledge relating to VPN. In the end, one must keep this in mind that all the VPN providers are not created equally. The speed and reliability offered by all differ drastically. Therefore, the decisions must be made judiciously.