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What Are the Best White Hat Backlinks for SEO

There are several techniques that businesses use to rank their website high on SERP. However, not all those techniques are ethical. Some techniques may employ unethical ways to give short-term gains but see a drastic decline in rankings and reputation. These are called black hat SEO techniques.

If you want to see sustained growth in terms of visibility, reputation, lead generation, and conversion, you need to implement the ethical white hat backlinks strategies. In this article, we will look at ways of how to get backlinks using white hat SEO.

Why should you use White hat SEO techniques?

SEO holds immense importance in marketing strategy in the digital space. It not only leads to greater website traffic but also provides the right exposure to the business. Search engines implement algorithms that consider several factors such as popularity, safety, relevance, and reliability to rank a website high on SERP.

White hat backlink is considered to be a highly sustainable method to stay at the top of online business. The strategy generates the best type of links to advertising the business online.

Tips to Implement White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO Techniques takes time but it generates good quality links and yields ample organic traffic to a website. A business should stay focussed and relevant on each opportunity to develop backlinks. Creating good connections with prospects, and websites and promoting it subtly will help develop goodwill for the site.

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Ways to Implement Whitehat SEO

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Ask your friends, colleagues, and employees to insert a link in their “Friends” blogroll area.

  • Whether you are a freelancer or run an SEO agency, you should ask for credit from clients and partners. There are better chances of getting a link back when they are happy and satisfied with your services.
  • Create Message Board Signatures and insert a “no-follow” link to the website in the forum signature.
  • Submit your website to blogger directories, niche-specific directories, or local business directories. Ensure that you check the credibility of the directory on the Moz Spam Score before using it. If your website has a unique and revolutionary design, then web design galleries can get you a good amount of traffic.
  • Use services that let you track and claim brand name mentions. Ensure that your brand name links back to the website.
  • Find out how your competitors are getting the backlinks. Your search can get you some good inputs that you can implement in your link building.
  • Make efforts to convert unhappy customers into a positive one by offering them exclusive discounts, assisting them to sort their issues, and more.
  • Perform a Google Reverse Image Search to ensure that nobody is using your beautiful and useful graphics on their site.


Link-building is an unending story of new techniques and SEOs that outsmarts themselves by identifying new opportunities to get a link. The above evergreen list of link-building techniques serves as a start point to yield plenty of white hat backlinks.