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What is checked in an MOT?

If you are looking for, what is an MOT? Which things are checked in an MOT? How to ensure grant for an MOT? Will my car pass the MOT? This article will help you gain knowledge of MOT assessment.

Check MOT is an assessment of car each year for cars older than three years for their safety and worthiness to stay on the road. It is not the same as servicing your vehicle on a regular basis but it is a complete examination of safety of your automobile. The test can take 45 to 60 minute time for assessment and examination. Passing the test is critical to stay on the road.

List of main elements of MOT

Following elements of your car will be checked during an MOT;

  • Lights, correctly aligned, positioned, with same color, and turn off and on with single switch
  • Horn, continuous uniform blow loud enough to be heard
  • Battery, secure with no leakage or loose terminals
  • Electrical wiring, secure
  • Steering, no wear or damaged parts with proper locking system, topped up power steering liquid
  • Suspension, no corrosion, distortion, or fractures
  • Brakes, efficient with no warning lights
  • Tires, appropriate load rating and speed, tread depth must be higher than 1.6mm, no cuts, bulge, tear, lumps etc.
  • Seatbelts, secure and operational
  • Body, no corrosion and any sharp edges
  • Registration plates, secure, fixed, and visible from 20m
  • Vehicle identification number, visible VIN on the plate, or stamped at the chasis
  • Speedometer, readable and illuminated properly
  • Exhaust, No leakage
  • Fuel System, No leakage with cap properly sealed
  • Emissions, No smoke with limited carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions
  • Mirrors, secure and clear
  • Vipers, efficiently working
  • Windscreen, No damage more than 10mm
  • Tow bar, secure with proper modifications

These checks might take few minutes but if you need a repair or re-test, it can take more than ever. It is recommended that vehicle must be checked before taking the MOT or select a professional garage to avoid inconvenience. You can toggle through our website to get a mobile mechanic uk in a reasonable amount.