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What Makes a Good Website Design?

Your website is more than just a platform where you promote your products and services. Similar to uniforms, its web design reflects who you are as a company. That is why it is wise to think things through about your website design before letting it go on live.

Going live on a website means you are allowing your domain name to show up in public. In other words, people who search for things related to your industry would be able to find you and go to your business platform. There, they would be able to determine if they should go avail what you are offering or not.

Therefore, if your website is not yet good, those visitors would be turned off. They would leave right away and look for another shop similar to yours. As such, you would not get much traffic, leading to the possibility of low sales since only a few visitors become customers.

As a wise business owner, you would change that situation as soon as you notice it. Revamping the platform is the best solution to create a better impression, and visitors would find your brand in a different light as a result.

To make that happen, you should know the principles of a good website design. Therefore, keep on reading until this article ends.

What Are the Principles of a Good Website Design?


A consistent interface is one of the principles of a good web design. If the user notices how uniform each page looks, it will leave a positive impact.

That is why you should keep everything the same from colour schemes, navigation, style of writing, and even the typeface you use. Doing so should help make the website of your business more appealing and trustworthy to the users.

REMINDER: Uniformity can be a double-edged sword, which is why you should make sure your website design is usable, or else no visitors will be able to navigate your platform.


You have to since not all visitors are tech-savvy. You should know that some people are slow learners, and it would take time before they could fully understand how to navigate your website. Sometimes, they would lose their patience before they could even do anything.

Therefore, make sure you apply these practical tips below.

  • Add navigation options around the footer of your website so users could jump from one page to another without needing to scroll the page up and get to another page.
  • Use clear labels. Otherwise, visitors would not be able to get them and get lost while browsing your website.


Another way to improve the eCommerce website design of your business is to change the colour of the link that the user has visited. Doing so would help them remember which page they have already been to and where they need to go next.

Here is a good example below.



Similar to driving, drivers follow what the traffic light says. Whether it turns green, red or yellow, the colours trigger them to take action.

The same is true for the call to action (CTA) of a web design. If the page has a CTA at the end, the visitor reading it would reconsider their plan and follow what

Check out the image below to help you imagine what CTA looks like.



You have to since people these days do not enjoy their time reading. As explained in the article from The Washington Post, fewer people read less each year. Back in 2004, people who read dropped by more than 30%.

Therefore, it is safe to say that at this time, the number of people reading is much fewer than before. That is why you should not post a blog with a wall of texts and consider putting more visuals instead. Doing so would help the visitor capture what you want to read at a glance.


Of course! Keep in mind that mistakes can tarnish the reputation of your business. Hence, you have to be careful not to let the following happen when your website design goes live.

  • The 404 error page is a sign of a dead link. If your visitor experiences that when clicking one of your CTA or other links, they will get frustrated.
  • The same goes for typos, broken images and videos.


Due to the growth of mobile users, you have to make the web design a responsive platform. You should know that at this point, there are 7.1 billion people who use their mobile devices to browse the internet.

Therefore, if you cater for their needs, there is a chance they will stumble upon your website and visit it with their smartphones. As such, the possibility of converting visitors to customers increases.


If you want to make your eCommerce website design stand, you have to make the loading time as short as possible.

According to Google, the bounce rate increases up to 32% if the page loads within one to three seconds. Thus, if the page loads longer than that, the user will leave the platform right away.

To Sum Up!


The key to converting visitors to customers is to place yourself in their shoes. By then, you would be able to understand further why these principles are significant to web design.

Hence, take your time and think about how you would apply the principles. That is the best start to revamp the website design of your company in Singapore. If you know the answer, you may do the website development process yourself or hire an expert.

In case you prefer the latter, start your search looking for an expert in website design services. Make sure you do a background check before letting them execute any changes to your platform.

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